Saturday, November 4, 2017

a different book club

"Death in the Stacks" by Jenn McKinlay is the newest in the Library Lover's Mystery series.  In this novel, Lindsey's enemy Olive, a ruthless, conniving, piece of work is out to get Lindsey, the library, and anyone standing around.  While on her rampage of black mail and torture, Olive is found stabbed in the fiction section at the library.  Lindsey and her sidekick Robbie are out to prove that lead suspect and library aide, Paula, is not the killer.  The only way to do that is to find out who is.

I really liked this book. It's not a real deep book, so it can easily be enjoyed anywhere.  The characters are well written and the twist and turns keep the reader guessing.  I had no idea who the killer was until the book was wrapping up.  I recommend this delightful who done it.  I received this book form

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Brave Beauty

"Brave Beauty" by Lynn Cowell is a devotional written for middle school aged girls that builds ways to find a confidence in God.  The devotional has 100 mini chapters, each one consists of 'salvation forgiveness, faith' section, which is a short essay.  It also has a Becoming Brave or a Getting to know You segment which involves the reader to partake in the devotion and then ends with a Courageous Call which is a prayer or letter. 
The author is part of the Proverbs 31 Ministries.  It is a very well known and popular online ministry for women of all ages.  In this book she writes incredibly well at the level and interests of the middle school reading the devotion without ever talking down to them.  Each day has a situation that the girl can relate to and an easy way to bring oneself closer to a relationship with God.  I received this book from Handlebar Direction for Publishing. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017


"Freedom's Ring" by Heidi Chiavaroli is a historical fiction work that follows a ring at two different periods in American history.  It follows Liberty Chapwell, an American working for two British officers as a maid while her brother, James, is involved in the beginnings of the American revolution.  She falls in love with one of them only to have the other rape her resulting in pregnancy. Following the rape she takes the officers' money and a ring from the one who she fell for. The two officers are shipped out and she is left alone.  The story follows Liberty through her life as she comes in contact again and again with the ring as well as the officer. 
It also follows Anna, in 2015.  Anna is a victim of the Boston bombings and is suffering from PTSD.  A Red Sox fan helps her during the bombing, then gives her a ring, Liberty's ring.  Anna later finds her Red Sox fan and the two go on a quest to find the story of the ring.  They seek to find Liberty's story.
This is an interesting novel.  I like how the author blends the two time periods together, back and forth, building up the story of the ring.  She keeps the two female leads' characters very different while still keeping them parallel.  I would recommend this book to history buffs as well as anyone just looking for a good story.  I received this book from Tyndale Publishing. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Cleopatra's BFF

"Egypt's Sister" by Angela Hunt is a Novel of Cleopatra: The Silent Years.  Chava is the childhood best friend of Urbi, better known to the world as Cleopatra.  The two girls are educated together, they are confidants, they are everything to each other.  Then when Urbi takes over reign of Egypt, she offers Chava, a Hebrew, the gift of citizenship.  All she has to do is worship Egyptian gods.  When she refuses, her family is imprisoned and sold into slavery.  For 15 years she lives the life of a slave, eventually  making her way back to Egypt.
This is a very good book.  It is incredibly informative as well as entertaining.  The writing is very well done.  Hunt is a  well known writer and her reputation is well earned.  I highly recommend this book, not only for history buffs, but for those that just want to read a good story.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Bethany House Publishers.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Suffarage and the dead

"Whispers of Warning" the second in the A Change of Fortune series by Jessica Estevao is the novel centering on Ruby Proulx as she solves the murder of a guest in her aunt's hotel.  Ruby is not only audiovoiant, but she is also what would be considered a modern day mentalist.  She was raised by a con-artist father and taken in by her aunt who runs a Spiritualist themed hotel.  Ruby works as a medium.  The novel takes place following WWI during the suffragist movement.  A leader of the movement checks into the hotel and winds up drowned in a neighboring pool.  Ruby teams up with Det. Yancey to try and solve the murder.
Though this is a second novel in a series, reading the first is not necessary.  I thought the book was very entertaining and well written.  Reading on the suffragist as well as the spiritualist fad was a lot of fun.  I will definitely be checking out the rest of the series.  I received this book from in exchange for an honest review. 

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Devotions towards Grace

"Journey into Grace: 150 Encouraging Devotions for Women" by Darlene Sala, Bonnie Sala, and Luisa Reyes-Ampil is a collection of devotions that includes a daily scripture, story, refection, and conversation with God.  Each devotion is written with women in mind, but could be understood by anyone.  I enjoyed using the devotion in my daily time with God.  It was indeed encouraging and inspirational to use.  "I received a complimentary copy of this book from Barbour Publishing and was under no obligation to post a review."

Sunday, August 27, 2017

the Bet

"How to Change a Life...." by Stacey Ballis is a novel that centers on Eloise and her decision to change her life based on a bet with her two best friends from high school that have reunited after a favorite teacher dies.  Eloise, Lynne, and Theresa make a bet, a "By 40 bucket list" where each woman has a list of things to better her life that must be completed by the age of 40 ( in 8 months) or pay $5000 to a scholarship fund.  Eloise, an unsocial, personal chef, must broaden her social world, further her career and renew her former athletic life.  This includes her love life- or lack of it.

This book gets more interesting as it goes.  I had a hard time caring in the beginning.  As time went on it become more emotional and less about cooking.  Though the cooking was interesting, it did dominate the book and was very detailed.  It became more balanced the further the book moved along.  I received this book from in exchange for an honest review.