Thursday, September 29, 2011

The crossing review

I received "The Crossing" by Serita Jakes for free from waterbrook Press.  The story begins 10 years ago at a railroad crossing where a bus of football players and cheerleaders is waiting for a train.  While waiting, an unknown gun man aboards the bus shooting the driver, cheer sponsor, and a football player that tries to protect the bus.  Fast forward 10 years and the case has been reopened.  New evidence shows the sponsor had been pregnant bringing new drama to the mix. One of the cheerleader"s husband (ADA) teams up with the hero football player (now a cop and also the son of the original lead cop on the case) and they try to bring the killer to justice.  Besides the ADA being married to the star witness and the cop being a victim as well as son of previous cop on case, coincidently, the sponsor and the cheerleader's parents had had affairs with each other, the girl doing CPR happens to be the daughter of the principal who happens to be in love with the sponsor.  This part could have been expanded.  After awhile I'm thinking "jeesh aren't there any other people in this town?"  The same people cross over and over.  And another weird part is Claudia, the ADA's wife laying in the dead victim's blood and refusing to leave.  What is up with that?  Oh, and this whole time they are stuck behind what is apparently the world's longest train, because the ambulance had to wait 20 minutes for the train to go by before they could get to the victims and the incident had already happened so that means this train had been going for like 35 minutes! 
This could have been a really good story, but there are parts that needed to be thought out a little better.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lion of Babylon review

I received "Lion of Babylon" by Davis Bunn for free from Bethany House Publishers.  This book is about the Iraq situation and the US and Iran part in it.  Marc is the main character.  He is a US former intelligence, presently accountant, who is sent to Iraq to find and recover three missing US citizens:  a soldier and two nurses.  The US government denies they are missing, the Iraqis deny they are missing, and yet, they are.  Marc's mission is to find out why no one wants to find them and then find them.  His side kick in the story is Sameh, a Christian Iraqi attorney who assits Marc in the mission.
First of all this is sort of a guy book.  Lots of action and intrigue.  Its also full of information about Iraq: their culture, history and religions.  Religions as in plural.  The muslim religion is as complex as the prodestant religion with all of its splits and miniscule differences.  As an average American whose country has been at war with Iraq for almost 10 years, I was amazed at how little I know about Iraq.  Very little in fact.  This is an interesting and informative book.  I liked it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

gabby's little angel review

I received "Gabby's Little Angel" (e-book) by Sheila Walsh for free from  "Gabby's Little Angel" is a children's picture book for about 6 and under.  It has great pictures and is fairly short.  It is about Psalm 91 and how God promises to have an angel to guard us.  This book explains what a guardian angel is and (fictionally) what they do. 
I have gotten children's books on my kindle before and really,...... my daughter doesn't like them.  She will look at them if we are stuck waiting somewhere and she has to be good, but as a rule she is against them.  I hadn't tried to read an e-book in awhile so I thought I would try it again with "Gabby's".  No go.  About half way through she declared it boring and picked up a real book.  I think it is the lack of pages and nothing to manipulate.  No texture.  Anyway, I think if it were a regular book she probably would have liked it, but from now on I'm going to steer clear of children's e-books.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

wrapped in rain review

I received "Wrapped in Rain" by Charles Martin (an e-book) for free from  I had never heard of Charles Martin before, but after reading this book, I looked him up and have discovered that he has many books out there.  If the rest of them are as good as Wrapped in Rain he will become one of my favorite authors.  He is really good.  He kinda reminds me of Wally Lamb. 
Wrapped in Rain is about two boys who are raised by their incredibly rich, incredibly drunk father and their Christian maid, Miss Ella.  Miss Ella reminds me of the Oricle in the Matrix movies.  She takes care of everything and she knows everything.  She also tells you what to do all the time.  The oldest brother is the main character and the younger has a myriad of mental illnesses.  This story is about the two brothers forgiving the father and coming to love a 5 year old boy who comes to live with them with his mother while hiding from his abusive father.