Wednesday, December 28, 2011

babylons falling review

I received "Babylons Falling" by William G. Collins for free from  Babylons Falling is the story of Belteshazzar, also known as Danniyel.  This story follows Danniyel from the Old Testament from the time of Judah's exile by the Babylonians to the time of his death in fictional format.  It not only follows the highlights of his life covered in the Bible, but also gives background in ancient politics and geography of the Babylon/Egypt/Persia region. 
I liked this book ok.  I am studying the Old Testament in a Bible study so this helped me discover more from this time period and understand better what was going on.  However, it really would only strike the interest of someone who is interested in the Old Testament or this time period.  There isn't much else going on.  Not a  lot of action or romance. Nothing deeply personal.  However, if this is an area you are studying, than this is a book that you need to read.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Prowl review

PROWL (LRRP Ranger Vietnam volumes 1-5)  by RW Holeman (e-book) was given to me for free from  This is the collection of 5 shortstories that go together in chronological order.  This is a quick read (one night) and it is a good book.  It follows the main character (weird I can't recall his name, nor find it) as he goes to Vietnam during '69 and serves in the army first as an infantry then as a scout.  The author describes his writing as autobiographical fiction.  It's all true with a little embellishing for flare. 
These Vietnam books written by veterans are such a surprise.  You read along on everyday books, then open one of these up and its like being smacked in the head.  They just open up and tell it to you like it is.  I love it.  The only problem with this one is sometimes the reader could be confused if he or she isn't familiar with army talk.  Luckily I've read up on the military and have family that have served so I wasn't too lost.  Highly recommed this, especially if Vietnam is an interest of yours.

happy trails, well not really

I received "Justice Beyond the Trail's End" by Alfred Patrick for free from  This novel stars Joshua Parker, an adventure seeker who leaves home for the Civil War and winds up in the Wild West.  To start with Parker leaves his family against their wishes at the age of 17 to join the war and fight as a sharpshooter (sniper).  Upon coming home he discovers that one really can't go home again.  So then he takes off for the West.  He tours around as a lawman, but as age would have it, falls in love and desires to settle down. 
This is a pretty good book.  I like Wild West stuff and this time period.  Alfred Patrick has a way with characters.  He is really good at inventing people and making them seem real.  They seem to matter to the reader.  You are gonna love Helen.  However, the book really would work better as two books, maybe a series.  It seems to want to end in the middle and then take off in another direction.  Still it's a good one.

polly browne review

This is a book that fellow geneologist will love.  At least ones with a heavy Irish background and or some deep dark secrets.  This feels like the story of my family.  Polly Brown was born Irish.  She was abandoned and made her way through life on her own.  And of course there is the secret.  Why families decide to have secrets is beyond me.  It never works. Everybody always finds out (if it was ever truly a secret to begin with). I'm not sure why the book is titles "and the Secret", because the secret doesn't come til towards the end of the book.It follows the next three generations as well.  The book also contains pictures, which I loved.    I received a complimentary copy of (Book Title) as a member of the   
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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

come on get happy

I received "Spontaneous Happiness" by Andrew Weil, MD for free from  You would think this book is about happiness, but really it is about depression or rather, ridding oneself of depression.  The first several chapters of the book are about emotional well being, depression, and psychological knowledge of emotions.  It then goes into methods of becoming happy both with and without the use of prescribed drugs.  The author connects physical health with emotional health and shows the relationship as well as how curing one form of helps the other. It ends with a program to follow relating all his methods for maximum happiness.
I have read Weil before "Eating Well for Optimum Health" during a time when I had a foot injury with severe pain.  I had had the pain for about 9 months with no amount of pain reliever helping.  When I read his book on health he claimed that the pain was caused by inflammation and gave diet adjustments that would help.  I tried it and it worked.  Currently, I do not suffer from depression.  However, from past experience with Weil and his methods, I would bet that his methods for relieving depression would help as well.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

house of secrets review

I received "House of Secrets" by Tracie Peterson for free from Bethany House Publishers.  This novel centers around the Coopers and their house of secrets.  There are three girls (women actually, they are in their 20's), their deceased mentally ill mother, their absent father, and 15 years of secrets and trauma.  The girls' father remarries and plans a family reunion at their summer cottage in Seattle.  The girls believe that their father killed their mother to protect them from her illness when they were children and never mention to him that they know.  He also never mentions her illness and believes that they do not know she was ill.  This story is about how all the secrets come out while they are in Seattle and what are they going to do about them? 
You may think that burying something of this magnitude would never happen, but I have married into one of these families (not the murder part, the secrets part)  and yes.  Huge things will go unmentioned for years because "its a secret".  Why?  No idea.  And that is what happens in this story.  One secret after another is exposed and the family is realing.  This is a pretty good book.  It gets a little preachy.  If you can't stand being hit over the head with Christianity than this is not the book for you.

Monday, December 12, 2011

wonderland creek review

I received "Wonderland Creek" by Lynn Austin for free from Bethany House Publishers.  Alice is a modern girl living in 1931 near Chicago.  She lives a cushy lifestyle where at the at of 23 she is working as a librarian, living with her parents (her father is a minister) and spend the majority of her time reading.  All Day.  Every Day.  That is her life.  She is completely obsessed with books.  I know!  Sounds great doesn't it!  She reads at every opportunity, including a few non-opportunities such as funerals.  In her spare time from reading she is collecting used books to send to Kentucky to the poor hill people who have no access to books.  On a whim, shortly following being dumped by her boyfriend, she hitches a ride and goes to Kentucky with all these books and embarks on the adventure of a lifetime.
This is the first Lynn Austin book I have ever read.  I hadn't read her before, because I thought she sounded a little...."flowery".  She had me hooked at the first page!  This is an awesome book.  I love this author, I love these characters, I love everything about this book.  Awesome!  I will definitely be reading more of her in the future.

Tyndal Prizes

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

journey to christmas review

Usually I post book reviews, but this time I'm doing a dvd.  I received "Journey to Christmas" from Tyndale House for free.  This dvd is 4 episodes of a documentary of the journey of 5 diverse people (they don't know each other before the trip) to Isreal to walk in the journey of Christmas.  Of the five people, one is an artist born in Africa who grew up with both protestant and orthodox catholic parents, one is a white christian looking to deepen her faith, one is a man whose father was raised Jewish and his mother was raised Catholic yet he was raised with neither faith, one is a Canadian Indian who was raised Christian but with "white" stigma attached to Jesus, and one is a spiritual radio show host who is struggling with his present beliefs. 

This story follows this group through all the sights of the birth story as well as some of Jesus' life and crucifixtion.  This is an amazing dvd.  I would highly recommend it to anyone of any faith including athiesm.  The historical and geographical factors alone make it an insightful and entertaining piece of work.

Friday, December 9, 2011

finding our way home review

I received "Finding Our Way Home" by Charlene Ann Baumbich for free from Waterbrook Press.  This would make a great chick flick.  This novel is about two women facing complete changes in their lives.  Evelyn, a 19 year old, comes to live with Sasha, a 38 year old injured ballerina as her home health aid.  Evelyn is so bright-eyed and hopeful it almost hurts to watch.  You see her walking into life and want to grab her and pull her back.  She just goes.  Of course, then life happens.  Sasha is depressed and seems much older than she actually is.  She is handicapped due to an injury during her dancing.  She has a husband that she has abruptly left and has to deal with the loss of an entire life style. This story follows these two women as they face their changes in life and come to deal with loss, opportunities, friendship, and grace.

Got Amish?

Do you like Amish Fiction?  Water Brook Multnomah is having a sale with a discount for "Christmas Singing" during the month of December.  Use the promo code CHRISTMAS11 at the checkout and get 30% off with free shipping and handling.  Hurry up!  You only got til Dec. 20th!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

his steadfast love review

I received "His Steadfast Love" by Golden Keyes Parsons (an e-book) for free from  This novel takes place in Texas during the Civil War.  Amanda Belle is a Southerner with a soldier-aged brother, Daniel and a beau, Kent, who is stationed in Texas but from the North.   Shortly after the book starts, the Civil War breaks out, sending Daniel to fight for the South and Kent back North.  The story follows the Amanda as she is torn between her loyalties to her country and her budding abolitionist beliefs.  She also plays both sides in serving Kent and Daniel's causes. 
This is not a real deep book.  It sticks with the niceties and doesn't get to involved in any particular issue.  It is mostly a romance.  Again, not racy or even particularly passionate.  It is a  nice, tame romance, fit for any age. 

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Last Fall review

I received "The Last Fall" (e-book) by Glenn James for free.  This is my second Glynn James book and I liked it much better than the last.  This book is more of a novella.  I read it in one night.  Little longer than a short story.  "The Last Fall" is about a man on Earth that has decided to commit suicide when he is interupted by Joshua and given a new purpose in life in another world.  Xeno, which is his new name in his new world, has been given the job to find out where and how the last stand of humans occured before they were wiped out by Nua'Lath.  He and his sidekick, Bailey, travel for 12 years to find out what happened.  (They never age.)  The story is narrated by Xeno and told to his son.
Science Fiction really isn't my favorite genre.  Usually avoid it all together.  This one is futuristic and has man eating zombie like things.  However, as far as science fiction goes, this is a  pretty good book.  Well written and interesting.  It is easy to follow and not so annoying with all the weird huha that usually accompanies science fiction.  I would easily recommend it to someone who enjoys science fiction and maybe even someone who doesn't and is looking for something short and different.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

In the Nam

Frank Loveless is a self-centered jerk and he is in Nam. I received "Loveless in the Nam" by Jim Boersema from Dorrance Publishing. Boersema is a former military man and this strikes as a biographical book, though it is fiction.  This is unlike any war book I have ever read.  There is no deep message.  There is no good versus evil or making a man out of Loveless.  He doesn't grow or mature due to his situation.  He joined and fought and continued to be a self-centered ass.  And I LOVED it!!!!  Loveless is the Erica Kane of Vietnam.  No one would ever want him watching their back in the jungle.  I wouldn't want him watching my back on the football field.  Heck, I would put my hand on my purse if he was watching my back in an elevator.  He is a screwball.  And yet, you keep rooting for him and hope he gets away with it.  This is an awesome book.
It is 1968 and Frank Loveless has been drafted and sent to Vietnam.  Though is a college graduate and an officer, he is sent to infantry.  Mostly due to his own horniness.  He takes us through basic and officers school, the jungle, R&R, and POW camp.  Strangely, this book is a hoot.  I don't think I have ever laughted so much during a war novel, much less a Vietnam one.  In the prologue it is implied that this is the beginning of a series.  Man, I hope so.  I received a complimentary copy of (Book Title) as a member of the    
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Saturday, November 12, 2011

london blitz diary review

I received "World War II London Blitz Diary Vol. 1" by Ruby Side Thompson for free from  This book is an as-is diary written by a middle aged woman living in London during Sept 1, 1939- December 31, 1940.  During this time World War II starts for England and progresses.  Ruby writes of daily things at first: shopping, reading, her husband.  She writes about her husband a lot.  She really gets with complaining about her husband.  About half way through the book she takes an abrupt switch to writing primarily about the war and her situation in it. 
This book lets on like it is a World War II diary and in the second half that is the case, but not the first. The first half is mainly her bitching about her husband.  All The Time.  She does talk of other things once in awhile, but really, the book should have been editted to cut out some of it, just to let the reader know the writer, but not bombard them with complaining.  It is a diary.  The point of it is to complain.  But that doesn't make for good reading.  The second half is war, raids, isolation, rations, and of course complaining about her husband.  However, with as little sleep as she was getting and the whole "am I gonna die" thing she had going I am surprised she could write as well as she did.  It seemed such an exhausting life!  Interesting read.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

civil war reinactment

I received "A Sound Among the Trees" by Susan Meissner for free from Waterbrook Press.  Let me start off with I love this author and I love this book.  Meissner tends to parallel history and the present into brilliant literature.  In this one she maintains the present for most of the book leaving the reader in the dark and constantly guessing at what is going on.  Building the suspense up more and more as the story plays out.  About 2/3 of the way through she brings the reader to the past through letters that have been hidden for over 100 years.  This is one of those read all the time till it's gone books.  Love this!
Holly Oaks is a house in Virginia dating back to before the Civil War.  The house holds several generations of women, all of whom leave their mark on the house and what is considered "ghosts".  Merrielle marries Carson, a widowed father with two children, whom she meets online.  He lives at Holly Oaks with his deceased wife's grandmother. The story follows the two women as they get used to each other, the situation, and the "ghosts".  Then the story leads to the Civil War era where Holly Oaks houses Susannah, her grandmother, mother, and slave girl.  This part of the story explains who is indeed haunting Holly Oaks.  Is it the house itself?  Is it Susannah?  Or is it just life working out in a lousy coincidence?  Something is haunting these women.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

abundant life review

I received "Abundant Life Day Book: 365 Blessing To Begin Your Day" by Nancy Guthrie for free from Tyndale House Publishers.  This book is a devotional.  Each day has a short bible verse followed by a message from "God", and ending with a prayer from you to God.  This book is a little hard to follow at first.  The first day I read I could not figure out who the "I " was in the daily blessing.  Then it dawned on me that it was a letter from God.  Which kind of threw me.  Since actually it is a letter from Nany Guthrie, obviously, it made me feel a little weird reading what was supposedly words from God.  Then she turns it around and writes the prayer from me to God.  So then the "I" is me.  So I didn't really like the way it was written.  It was weird and too back and forth.  I did like the messages.  They are aimed to make one feel better about oneself.  God probably would say those things to someone.  I would say read it and after awhile the whole flip-flopping the "I"s wouldn't be so hard to follow.  Some may not ever take to the letter from "God".

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

the mercy review

"The Mercy" by Beverly Lewis is the third book in a trilogy, The Rose Trilogy.  Rose, of course, being the central character.  Rose is an Amish (Old Order)  girl.  She is getting dangerously close to becoming too old for marriage, but cannot seem to find the right man for the job.  In this trilogy, you must read all of the books and in order to follow along.  In this review I will try and stick with the third book but give you a little background information so that you can also know what is what.  Rose has a mother who is wheelchair bound and in severe pain.  In this book she deals with surgery to correct her pain.  (She is allergic to pain meds.)  This goes on through out both parts of the book.  In the first part, Hen, Rose's sister, is coming to terms with her decision to leave her Englisher husband and move back to Plain life.  She is starting to rethink her all-or-nothing stand and hopefully her husband (now blind) will back down on his.  Part two is Rose's love life.  Who will she chose?  Will she chose anyone?  Can she live a fullfilled life without a man in her life?
I usually am not fond of Amish books.  I am however, fond of Beverly Lewis and her Amish books.  Her books are like a soap opera in that nothing is what it seems and life is full of surprises and choices and what is God gonna through at you next.  This book has such a good ending.  You are gonna love it.  I received this book for free from Bethany House Publishers.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

the oprah effect? really?

I received "Where has Oprah Taken Us?" by Stephen Mansfield for free from  This book is about Oprah Winfrey and her supposed "religions leadership".  This book is not really what I thought it was going to be.  For starters, though he doesn't really come out and bash Oprah, you get that negative vibe when you are reading.  I kept feeling like I had to defend, yes Oprah, but also, religion, women, and Christianity.  First of all, Oprah.  She has the right to worship however she wants.  America, duh.  Secondly, who put religion in these stupid little boxes anyway?  Three and most significantly, women.  Mansfield is concerned with Oprah leading millions of Americans into Oprah's brand of worship.  Let's face it, no testicle packing male is going to admit to watching Oprah so Mansfield is obviously talking about women.  On the one hand it is too risky to have an open mind and think for oneself/ on the other hand, we are too stupid to decide who to worship and how so we must blindly follow Oprah Winfrey.  Now, I am a fan and watched her show for many years, BUT, blindly follow her?  No.  She can be a little flaky and I kind of like to decide things for myself.   I am an educated person and have full brain power even with these pesky boobs and ovaries.  So............Skip this book.

diary of the displaced review

I received "Diary of the Displaced" by Glynn James (an e-book) for free from  "Diary of the Displaced"  is about James, a man who has somehow landed in the land of displaced things.  Anything that has come up missing can wind up there.  There is no light, the dead continue to stay lost there, it includes zombies, strange barbaric dogs, a maniac, and all the trash you could ever want to sift through.
I guess I would call it science fiction.  I am not really into science fiction, so I wouldn't call this one of my favorites.  James isn't very clear.  You can't really like him, because you know very little about him.  He spends pretty much the first half of the book looking through trash and figuring out how to live in the displaced land.  The second half picks up in action, chase  and fight scenes, a little mystery.  If the first half had been less trash sifting and more character info I would have liked it a lot more.  Second half of book was pretty good.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

out of the shadows review

I received "Out of the Shadows" by Sigmund Brouwer (e-book) for free from  This is the second Brouwer book I have read and I am thinking his usual style is mystery with a ton of twists and turns.  In this story Nick, a southerner, is growing up in his uncle's house with his awful cousin and his cute neighbor.  Nick's mother disapears when he is 10.  Fast forward 8 years to a car wreck involving Nick; Claire, the cute neighbor; Pennington, the cousin from hell, and Claire's little brother.  This wreck starts another turning point in Nick's life as this is when he loses his leg and Claire's brother loses his life.  Fast forward again 20 years and the reunion is a bit sticky.  Nick is out to find out what happened to his mother and why Claire is no longer in his life. 

To start off with I found it hard to stick with the book, but once it got going, I was captivated.  It has plenty of mystery(or should I say mysteries) and some information is held back till the end to keep you guessing.  The problem is Nick might be the most gullible man in the fictional world.  I was always one step ahead of him.  And not because of my intelligence. Nick is a little slow to catch on.  But I still liked him.  He was a cool guy.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


On facebook i have several "friends" that i have never met, but understand completely.  They are HLHS moms or HLHS adults.  My youngest daughter has HLHS.  Anyway, recently one of my friends lost their 10 month old baby.  He hadn't been doing well, but there was plans to have his second surgery in November.  He never made it.  I have watched him and prayed for him since he was born.  Through his first surgery and first this and that.  I cried when he died.  I hate that anyone looses their child, but when it is HLHS, it means more to me.  It's a possibility I don't ever want to face.  I don't even want to think about.  But there it is.  There it is.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

a river to cross review

I received "A River to Cross" by Yvonne Harris for free from Bethany House Publishers.  "A River to Cross" is a Historical Christian Romance.  The lead character, Elizabeth, is a DC socialite who has come to Texas to help her widowed brother raise his child.  While there she has gone to work for him at his newspaper and managed to get herself kidnapped by Mexicans.  Her knight in shining armour is Jake, a Texas Ranger, who comes to save her and accidently falls in love with her.
This is a pretty pradictable and sappy love story.  Elizabeth is what one might call fiesty.  Which is a synonym for dumb, angry woman.  She's always taking offense and though she can't seem to do much that is worth while in the desert, thinks she should be valued and admired.  Remember:  she can't even feed herself. (can't cook)  Anyway, I didn't really like it.  Didn't like Elizabeth.  Not much of a romance novel kinda gal.  However!  I left this book lying around and my 15 year old daughter picked it up and started reading it and she loves it.  Sooooo, I guess this is for the young at heart and the romantic notioned.

Monday, October 3, 2011

waking hours review

I received "Waking Hours" by Lis Wiehl (e-book) for free from  This is a pretty awesome book.  I really hope it turns into a series.  The site says it is, that it is #1 in the East Salem series.  I have read some of the other series by Wiehl, the Triple Threat Series.  I like it, but it rings a little too similar to Patterson's Women's Murder Club.  However, East Salem doesn't seem like anything else I have read. Wiehl takes a turn for the paranormal.  It is about a court psychologist, Dani,  employeed to help find criminals and her sidekick ex-NFL standout turned PI, Tommy; and the two together must solve a ritualistic murder of a teenage girl in East Salem. 
Personally, I think this book is 10 times better than her Triple Threat Series.  It is original, funny, smart, romantic (which is weird since there technically is no romance at all), and addictive.  This is a must read.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

The crossing review

I received "The Crossing" by Serita Jakes for free from waterbrook Press.  The story begins 10 years ago at a railroad crossing where a bus of football players and cheerleaders is waiting for a train.  While waiting, an unknown gun man aboards the bus shooting the driver, cheer sponsor, and a football player that tries to protect the bus.  Fast forward 10 years and the case has been reopened.  New evidence shows the sponsor had been pregnant bringing new drama to the mix. One of the cheerleader"s husband (ADA) teams up with the hero football player (now a cop and also the son of the original lead cop on the case) and they try to bring the killer to justice.  Besides the ADA being married to the star witness and the cop being a victim as well as son of previous cop on case, coincidently, the sponsor and the cheerleader's parents had had affairs with each other, the girl doing CPR happens to be the daughter of the principal who happens to be in love with the sponsor.  This part could have been expanded.  After awhile I'm thinking "jeesh aren't there any other people in this town?"  The same people cross over and over.  And another weird part is Claudia, the ADA's wife laying in the dead victim's blood and refusing to leave.  What is up with that?  Oh, and this whole time they are stuck behind what is apparently the world's longest train, because the ambulance had to wait 20 minutes for the train to go by before they could get to the victims and the incident had already happened so that means this train had been going for like 35 minutes! 
This could have been a really good story, but there are parts that needed to be thought out a little better.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Lion of Babylon review

I received "Lion of Babylon" by Davis Bunn for free from Bethany House Publishers.  This book is about the Iraq situation and the US and Iran part in it.  Marc is the main character.  He is a US former intelligence, presently accountant, who is sent to Iraq to find and recover three missing US citizens:  a soldier and two nurses.  The US government denies they are missing, the Iraqis deny they are missing, and yet, they are.  Marc's mission is to find out why no one wants to find them and then find them.  His side kick in the story is Sameh, a Christian Iraqi attorney who assits Marc in the mission.
First of all this is sort of a guy book.  Lots of action and intrigue.  Its also full of information about Iraq: their culture, history and religions.  Religions as in plural.  The muslim religion is as complex as the prodestant religion with all of its splits and miniscule differences.  As an average American whose country has been at war with Iraq for almost 10 years, I was amazed at how little I know about Iraq.  Very little in fact.  This is an interesting and informative book.  I liked it.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

gabby's little angel review

I received "Gabby's Little Angel" (e-book) by Sheila Walsh for free from  "Gabby's Little Angel" is a children's picture book for about 6 and under.  It has great pictures and is fairly short.  It is about Psalm 91 and how God promises to have an angel to guard us.  This book explains what a guardian angel is and (fictionally) what they do. 
I have gotten children's books on my kindle before and really,...... my daughter doesn't like them.  She will look at them if we are stuck waiting somewhere and she has to be good, but as a rule she is against them.  I hadn't tried to read an e-book in awhile so I thought I would try it again with "Gabby's".  No go.  About half way through she declared it boring and picked up a real book.  I think it is the lack of pages and nothing to manipulate.  No texture.  Anyway, I think if it were a regular book she probably would have liked it, but from now on I'm going to steer clear of children's e-books.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

wrapped in rain review

I received "Wrapped in Rain" by Charles Martin (an e-book) for free from  I had never heard of Charles Martin before, but after reading this book, I looked him up and have discovered that he has many books out there.  If the rest of them are as good as Wrapped in Rain he will become one of my favorite authors.  He is really good.  He kinda reminds me of Wally Lamb. 
Wrapped in Rain is about two boys who are raised by their incredibly rich, incredibly drunk father and their Christian maid, Miss Ella.  Miss Ella reminds me of the Oricle in the Matrix movies.  She takes care of everything and she knows everything.  She also tells you what to do all the time.  The oldest brother is the main character and the younger has a myriad of mental illnesses.  This story is about the two brothers forgiving the father and coming to love a 5 year old boy who comes to live with them with his mother while hiding from his abusive father. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Smack Dab in the middle review

I received "Smack Dab in the Middle of God's Love" by Brennan Manning (e-book) for free from  Smack Dab is a children's book of about 2nd grade reading level and interest level.  However, it is such a sweet story it could easily be read by an adult as a short story with pictures.  Smack Dab is the story of a middle age couple with no children who sort of adopt the neighborhood children.  The children come every evening for sopapillas.  While they are there Willie Juan asks them life's questions.  At this particular visit he asks them, "what do you think Abba will ask you when you get to heaven?"  The story is the children's answers and their discussion.
This is a really sweet, feel-good story.  I read it to my 6 year old daughter, but since she doesn't really like the kindle she didn't pay attention. (she very much prefers real books.)   The pictures are good, there is some multi-culture qualities, and cross generational issues.  Good book, should have gotten the real book though instead of the e-book.

Stumbling into grace

I received "Stumbling into Grace" by Lisa Harper for free from  This is a non-fiction book written sort of like a diary, but I guess I would call it a collection of sermons.  Not real sure how to categorize it.  I read it strait through, but it would make more sense to read it as a small group study or a devotional.  It is sectioned into 15 chapters with each chapter ending in prayer, discussion questions, and journal entry suggestions.  The chapters each have a topic of the day and the authors thoughts on the topic along with bible stories in which her topic is pertaining to.
I really like this book.  I should have read it in a devotional method.  It is funny, thoughtful, and she seems to be able to get into the reader's head.  Aimed at women of course.  A man would get use out of it, but would probably avoid it because of gender content.  Its a short book and I recommend it for study groups or devotionals.

Monday, August 15, 2011

canary list review

I received "The Canary List" by Sigmund Brouwer for free from  The two main characters from this book are Crocket, a teacher whose daughter died at 12 years old, and Jaimie, a twelve year old student in his class who happens to be able to detect evil when she meets people.  Crocket and Jaimie get into trouble and our story begins when her foster home burns down and she is discovered at his house hiding. 
Let me start with this is a complicated story.  There are twists and turns everywhere.  Jaimie is being hunted because of her ability to see evil, she is being hidden because of her ability, and then you've got "The Prince" which is all tied to the vatican and the CIA.  You also have Crocket's daughter and his weird situation with his ex-wife and her attorney/Crocket's friend.  There is also the missing neighbor.  Like I said conspiracy out the ying-yang.  This is not a story that you can skim through.  You have to read each paragraph and re-read some on it to.  You are never totally sure what's going on, but you can't wait to find out.

Friday, July 22, 2011

the quotable rogue review

I received "The Quotable Rogue: The Ideals of Sarah Palin In Her Own Words" edited by Matt Lewisfrom   This is a small book with quotes of Sarah Palin.  It is seperated into subjects for example:  family, education, gun control, and Tina Fey.  This book is a collection of positive statements made by her from 2007 to 2010.
I am a fan of Sarah Palin and I tend to agree with her on most of her ideas and opinions.  Whether she should run for presidency or not is for a different blog.  I did not, however, enjoy this book.  Most of it was stuff I already knew.  It read like a stalker's diary.  I can't even really say why this book would be written or why one would want to read it.  It sounded good.  I liked the quotes.  But putting them together in a book was not a good idea.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

the sweetest thing review

I received "The Sweetest Thing" by Elizabeth Musser for free from Bethany House Publishing.  This is the first Elizabeth Musser book I have read.  I have heard of her and seen many of her books, but this is my first.  I am now a fan.  I really liked this book.  It is a mystery/romance/faith book.  That would describe it best.  It isn't really much of either of the descriptions on its own.  I figured out the villian right away, so the mystery won't keep you on the edge of your seat.  The romance was pretty obvious they would wind up together, so that wasn't riviting either.  The faith was a reoccuring and well written story line however.  It was so.....human.  Every thought the girls had had relaying to God, was one that most humans would have thought at some point. 
The Sweetest Thing is about two high school girls who become friends despite their differences and the experiences they have during senior year in the 1930's in Atlanta.  They fall in and out of love, they fall in and out of faith, and of course they save the day.  I will be reading more of Musser and I think you should too.

Thursday, June 30, 2011

pieces of light review

I received "Pieces of Light" by Julie Cave (e-book) for free from  Pieces of Light is the third in the Dinah Harris Mysteries by Julie Cave.  In this book Dinah is a fired former FBI agent who is working as a concultant with FBI agents in solving the church bomber case.  There are really three stories running side by side in this book.  There is also Isabella, an abused wife.  She is the child of an alcoholic who abused her entire family on a daily basis.  Thirdly, there is Sen. Winters, a crooked politician with his sights set on ruining the Christian faith and using that as a step stool to the presidency. 
I have not read the previous two stories, so there are instances where I am not sure what they are talking about.  For example, the Winters side story has a small connection to the church bomber story, but no real reason to be in the book.  There is evidence that if I had read the other two I would have followed that storyline better.  I also think there are too many "issues" going on.  There is alcoholism, cutting, emotional abuse, physical abuse, separation of church and state, christianity, bombing, etc.  However, the issues bring up many wonderful points and give the reader a great deal to think about.  But it's almost as if she could not decide what to write about so she wrote about it all.  The book is a good think piece, but maybe the Winters/church & state story line should have been a seperate book.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

a reluctant queen review

I received "A Reluctant Queen" by Joan Wolf (e-book) for free from  You may have read Esther from the Holy Bible and this is her story with a few tweeks and historical data.  Esther is a half Jew half Persian girl who is sent by her Jewish uncle to the king in attempts to become queen.  Though she is nowhere near the ideal Persian queen she is accepted and serves as queen.  Her destiny is to save the Jewish people. 
The nuts and bolts of the biblical story are there and a lot of historical facts have been added to give background to the original story.  However, in order to make a novel out of it and make it so that the modern American woman would want to read it, it was made into a love story.  The original is not.  For instance, the king is a nice guy.  Even to women.  This is the third historical book I have read as of late that was about the treatment and lives of women in various times of the past and might I say:  we can all be thankful that we are living in the modern age.  We can go where ever we chose in whatever clothing we wish and say what we want when we get there.  Will we be respected by men when we arrive?  Probably not, but we can go there in whatever fashion we choose.  And that is a huge step up.  This is a great love story.  You will fall in love with the king and root for Esther every step of the way.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

the daughters walk review

I received "The Daughter's Walk" by Jane Kirkpatrick for free from  This book starts off with two women, a mother and daughter, walking across America for $10,000 in 1896.  The legitimate reason to walk is to save the family farm, but in reality it is because mom wants to have some fun.  The women end up not making it in time to please the sponsors and not receiving the money.  They are then stuck in New York for several months.  Meanwhile, their family back home is hit with diptheria.  This causes the family to develope a deep anger towards the mother and Clara, the daughter.  Clara then leaves home on her own to make her way in life completely seperated from her family.  Most of the book is her journey through life with a surragate family.
This is a true story.  Some of it has been expanded on fictionally.  There is an author's note in the back saying which parts are true and which are embellished. I also looked up some original articles from when the walk took place in newspapers that are now online. This is a really good book.  The characters are very well developed.  Even the less mentioned characters have a very real quality about them.  It also covers a lot of women's sufferage.  This was a time of disregard for women and they had few if any choices.  This is the story of some women who made choices.  Some were not the best choices.  Some were down right stupid.  But at least it was their choice to make.  Loved it.  Suggest you read it.  Men probably might not relate.  It is a very "women's" book. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


by some accident or miracle I have found myself alone.  four kids living here, a husband and employees but currently I am by myself.  Feels quiet and weird.  I accidently killed one our baby rabbits this morning and I am so guilty.  I feel terrible about that poor little thing.  Wish that dang mama would just take care of them already!  Now we are down to one.  Tonight is a VBS meeting.  Which I am not prepared for.  This working outside of the home thing has left me with less time.  I just can't do what I did before.  Others will have to start doing for themselves.  Well, I am off to enjoy the quiet.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

never knowing review

Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens was given to me free from .  This is a novel about a woman who decides to find her biological parents.  Sara, mom of 6 year old Ally, was adopted at birth by a childless couple, who then as it ironicaly works, has two children naturally after the adoption.  Sara was singled out by her adopted father as the "adopted" one.  As an adult, Sara hires a private investigator to find her birth parents.  Her mother is found and is known to be the only surviving victim of the Campsite Killer, a serial killer.   Her mother was raped before escaping and in that act Sara was concived.  With the wonders of the internet, the world finds out about Sara's parentage as does her father, the Campsite Killer. 
Now, I gotta say I wasn't real impressed with this book.  It sounds like a good story, probably make a good slasher movie.  But I couldn't really like Sara, and I really didn't like her kid.  I couldn't get real anxious or even really care if the killer was out to get them because I was so annoyed by them.  It could have been terrifying or even taken in a different direction and been a wacky case of the serial killer father.  But no,  I was left annoyed.  Not a bad book really, just not my thing.

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The girl in the gatehouse review

I have read and received "The Girl in the Gatehouse" by Julie Klassen for free from Bethany House.  The girl would be Mariah Aubrey and woman who have been banned from contact with her family and sent to live with her uncle's widow in a gatehouse.  Her neighbors on the estate would be a handsom gentleman Cpt. Bryant, Hugh a horrid cousin of sorts, and the people of the poorhouse.  Her only companion is Dixon, her former nanny.  In desperate need of funds, Mariah begins to write novels to earn her rent.  In secret of course.  She also has to figure out the mystery of the man on the poorhouse roof who is signaling passing ships (yes, I said ships), avoid her cousin, and try not to fall in love with the captain. 
"The girl in the gatehouse" is written with the influence and the style of the original queen of chick lit, Jane Austen.  With all the formalities of their time, the Windrush Court crew have some pretty rigorous rules to live by.  What is proper has some pretty strict guidelines.  Makes one wonder how there could ever be a pregnancy out of wedlock.  I, however, have done my geneology and know that one can get knocked up in 1800 just as easily as one can in 2000.  And Mariah had done just that.  Not the knocked up part, but the rest of it.  Which is what led to her scandal.  She also had to keep a low profile about her writing.  At a time when reading a novel wasn't exactly scandalous for a woman, it certainly was not encouraged.  However, writing one was.  She was a woman before her time.  I like the book.  I seemed to go a little long.  But the appreciation for a being a woman in THIS time can not go unmissed.

Friday, May 20, 2011

no place like holmes review

I received "No Place Like Holmes" (e-book) by Jason Lethcoe for free from  Holmes is a novel aimed at boys from the grades of 3rd to 7th, depending on reading level.  But I'd say 3-7 would be the interest level.  Holmes is about Sherlock Holmes' neighbor, Snodgrass, and  Snodgrass' nephew, Griffin.  Griffin is 12.  Griffin is American and has been sent to stay the summer in London with his uncle, whom he has never met.  Holmes is Snodgrass' arch enemy.  Snodgrass is also a detective, but lives his life in the shadow of the great Sherlock Holmes. Snodgrass and Griffin come together to form a dynamic duo.  With Griffin deductive reasoning and his uncle's brilliant inventions the two attempt to solve a crime and save London in the process.
Like I said this is written for middle aged boys.  So, I wouldn't say I was real impressed with it.  I imagine if I were a boy of about 12 I would have loved it.  So if I were to think like a boy I would say, "it was pretty good."  Cuz, boys of 12 don't say much.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

the alarmists review

I received "The Alarmists" by Don Hoesel for free from  America loves a good conspiracy theory.  We also love to jump on the band wagon.  This book is a meeting of the two.  Brent, a sociology professor, is brought in on a case consulting for the pentagon.  The case: the end of the world.  December 21 is the last day, or so the legend goes and that being said all hell is breaking loose.  Van Camp is a man who is so wealthy he puts Trump and Gates together to shame and his goal in life is to become richer than Solomon (you know, the bible Solomon).  Throw in some Y2K style panic and some natural and not so natural disasters and you've got a Solomon in the making.  If he plays the stock market right that is.
This is a guy book.  By this I mean, you cannot make dinner, yell at kids, watch TV, and read this book all at once.  It is a read that takes some concentration.  It took awhile to read it too because I kept having to go back and re-read.  It is written in a Dan Brown style, but not so much information that you don't care about half of it.  It is informative, witty, and might make you a little paranoid.  What can you believe anyway?  How far can you go with faith?  What will the end of the world be like? 

Friday, May 13, 2011

finally an awesome amish book

Just finished "The Promise of an Angel" by Ruth Reid which I got for free from (an e-book) This book is about Judith, an Amish woman in Michigan who is promised, but not engaged to Levi.  While in a fit of jealousy concerning Levi, her brother Samuel, whom she is supposed to be watching, has a fall and is paralyzed.  During the aftermath of the accident, Judith sees an angel and loses Levi to her sister.  Oh, and Andrew comes into the picture too.  The underlining theme of this story is faith.  Faith can make one seem well......crazy.  But once you've got it, it makes perfect sense.
It seems now adays that everbody is writing about the amish.  Do they actually know any amish?  I don't know, but it seems you can't throw a rock in a Christian book store without hitting one in the head. so to speak.  Usually I can't even get through one.  It's pie this and humble that.  Everyone is  good as gold.  They look at someone crosseyed and go running for forgiveness.  But "Promise of an Angel", FINALLY an awesome amish book!  These people are well...people.  I like that in a person.  They have sexual tension.  Cuz that's what 19 year olds do.  They screw up, feel bad about it, screw up again, feel bad about it.  They are normal people.  They try a little harder than most, but they still kiss, and laugh, and are mean, and nice.  These are some amish that I could get to know.  I fell in love with Andrew.  If there is an Andrew tree out there, I want one in my yard.  Read the book.  You must, read the book.

Monday, May 9, 2011

how to be god's little princess review

I received How to Be God's Little Princess for free from  This is a collection of  "Royal Tips for Manners, Etiquette, and True Beauty" by Sheila Walsh.  This book includes scripture, tips, quizes, questions, recipes, and ideas about handling onself in a manner that would be pleasing to God and acceptable in polite society.   It covers everything from how to make a royal wave to internet safety.
At first I thought the book seemed to strip away all individuality and creativity of the girl and pigeon-hole them into cookie cutter like girls.  And it does.  A great deal of the book does take the girl and tell them how to do everything exactly like every other girl, so that there won't be any uniquness. But it also has some good stuff on how to behave when a rural girl gets plopped into class with some warning on what to expect.   It will never be a big seller would be my guess.  But there are some things that would be useful such as what is the polite thing to do when one farts in public. (pretend it never happened)  The whole proper fork thing gets addressed as well. It might be a good book to have around for manners and society questions, but it's never gonna be a classic.

Friday, April 22, 2011

max on life review

Spent the night reading Max Lucado's new book "Max on Life".  I received this book from Booksneeze.  This book is a collection of questions to Max about God and Christ from various people over the years.  He answers the questions with Scriptural back-up, Christian-thought, and some opinion.  All answers are about a page long and are set up in categories.  I didn't read it straight through, I read sections that were interesting first, then thumbed through reading all the questions and the answers that I wanted to know or know what he thought.  I think it would get boring reading it straight, I liked reading what peaked my interest first, then carried on.
First of all, the man is brilliant.  I am not a huge fan of his books.  I read some, not others.  It's a catch and miss.  I am a loyal follower of his daily texts.  You can get them texted to you, but I just look them up daily on this site.  This book handles both the easy questions that everyone should know the answer to, and the hard ones.  The questions about homosexuality, suicide, God's love, End of times, you know, the biggies.  He uses scriptual based evidence to back up his answers.  Though not completely in love with it, It is very interesting and will be used to go back to to defend myself when in a religious argument because he has already done the research.  How cool is that?  Did I mention he is brilliant?

Thursday, April 21, 2011

heart of ice review

I received Heart of Ice by Lis Wiehl and April Henry from Booksneeze.  This is a Triple Threat Novel.  Triple Threat Novels are books by Lis Wiehl about Nicole (FBI agent), Cassidy (Crime reporter), and Allison (prosecutor), a group of women who went to high school together and now solve crime.  Kinda like Nancy Drew and her two side kicks, only older and racier.  This particular novel is about Elizabeth, a sociopath, and her adventures before she gets caught by the Triple Threat.  The three are looking for a killer and have no idea that the killer (Elizabeth) is right under their noses.  Three heads are better than one, or so they say, and when they unite, Elizabeth, well you'll have to read it for yourself.
Lately I have been reading these "christian crime novels" and might I say I really like them.  Pretty much crime is crime and so it makes these novels not much different from your run-of-the-mill crime novels.  However, there is a bit of Christianity thrown in to keep you on your toes.  A little something extra.  You should defintely give the genre a try.  Even the non-Christian will enjoy a different approach from the whodunnits of the literary world.

Monday, April 18, 2011

the corruptible review

I received The Corruptible, by Mark Mynheir, from .  This is book is a Ray Quinn Mystery series.  The book follows Ray Quinn, an alcoholic private detective who walks with a cane and his sidekick Crevis.  The have been hired by a powerful company to find damaging stolen information.  During the search the thief in question comes up murdered throwing a wrench in the whole case. 
This book is part of a series; and tho I haven't read any other Quinn books, it wasn't necessary to have read any others to follow The Corruptible.  There were several references to incidents in past books, but enough background info was given that I could still follow.  Actually it made me want to read more the series.  Quinn is hilarious, intelligent, and a bit of a smart ass.  He also has a lot of "issues" and a dark streak.  I loved this guy and will probably be reading more of him.

Friday, April 15, 2011

got hope?

just came back from iowa last night.  that is one long, boring trip.  if you are thinking of going and don't have a medical issue that needs to be solved at Iowa University, skip the trip.  On the other hand, if you know a little girl who is 8 and has basilar invagination then by all means, see the country.  We went originally to sit with the family during her 12 hour surgery, but God intervened and she was finished when we got there almost 5 hours early.  That makes everything, surgery and recovery so much better.  Like her dad says, "thank you Good Sir Above".  Medically she is doing great, but trauma and anxiety levels are through the roof.  Trauma is a very powerful thing.  It can change everything. 
I was a little apprehensive about going at first.  Everytime I read her (mom's) blog I have flashbacks.  Sometimes they are flashes, sometimes they almost knock me down.  At 7:15 when she was due for surgery, I thought "now she is handing over her child".  It still almost kills me.  I can not only remember handing over mine (three times) I can feel it.  I am scared, terrified actually.  That is the worst thing anyone can ever do.  Hand over that child knowing they are more than likely going to die.  Luckily both kids beat the statistics, but I didn't know that at the time.  I felt sick after leaving the hospital the day of the Iowa girl's surgery.  I couldn't seem to shake it.  Next day was much better.  For me anyway.  Iowa girl is still in pain and still has a long road. Her parents.  Long road too.  I wish I could say that my personal hospital traumas made me stronger and better, but not really.  I am broken.  One little flash of memory and I am a mess.   I think the Iowa trip actually did me good.  I can read the updates and feel comfortable.  I mean, I certainly wish she wasn't in pain, I wish her neck had magically healed itself, I wish a lot of things, but I think of it as her and not me.  Which is where my attention should be.  On HER healing.  Because she is the one who needs it.  I can pray for her with all that I have with nothing else in my mind. 

Sunday, March 27, 2011

spring break '11

Remember when spring breaks went something like this "I went to Padre Island ........." Yeah, well those days are over.  This year the kids and I did an assortment of activities.  Some fun and others...well, not so fun.  It started Friday when my bouncing baby boy turned 13.  He is officially a teenager with size 10 shoes and a deeper voice.  Had a little party with the fam and he got what he wanted.  money.  Saturday and Sunday M & A went to their dad's and P came over here so I had 2 kids and we did nuthin.  Not a thing.  P went home Sun and me and S went to the zoo Monday afternoon.  Saw a baby hippo, cutest thang!  Tuesday M & A came home and we all went to the dentist.  Isn't that what everyone saves their Spring Break for?  All good, but me.  It seems that silver fillings will break your teeth over time.  F-bomb, I suppose that will cost  a fortune.  I also moved into my new office over spring break, made another run to the dentist, this time in TOPEKA AT 8 AM!!!!!!  Jeez that's early.  The kids had friends come and go along with going over to others some.  Saturday night went to see Rango.  Not a kid movie really.  About half way through you could hear all these little kids go "Is it almost over yet?"  M loved it though.  So it's a high school cartoon.  Today we went all the way to Wichita and went to the Museum of World Treasures.  So Cool!  A must see!  Dinosaurs, mummies, shrunkens heads, a large portion of the Berlin Wall, the scarecrow's rake.  The kids loved it, I loved it.  The Big Man was kinda in a mood, so I have no idea how he felt about it, but he didn't bitch so I guess he's ok with it.  Not a bad Spring Break, just no 'party on, Garth.'  Gonna go to bed now.  Exhausted!

Monday, March 7, 2011

the Shape of Mercy review

Recently I read the Shape of Mercy by Susan Meissner.  I really like Meissner a lot.  She is such a wondferful writer.  I love the way her books go back and forth between the past and present telling the story connecting the characters, and creating a parallel storyline.  This is the second Meissner book I have received from and I will definitly be reading more by her. Her characters are genuine and I care about them. I care as if they were real people.  This is an awesome read. 
  Shape of Mercy is a parallel story about  Mercy, a young woman in Salem during the witch trials and  Lauren, a college student in present day hired to translate Mercy's diary, and Abigail, an elderly woman who owns the diary.  The book goes back and forth telling the story of Mercy, an accused "witch" in Salem through excerpts of the diary and Lauren, discovering who she really is while reading the diary and getting to know Abigail.  The book starts with Lauren going against what is expected of her from her extremely wealthy parents by going to a state school and taking a job.  The job is to work for Abigail translating the diary as well as putting in into digital format.  She grows throughout the story and comes to a realization through lessons learned from both Abigail and Mercy that to judge someone by their cover and to judge someone by who they truly are still makes her someone else's judge.  Will be reading more of Meissner and that is a promise.

Monday, February 28, 2011

who is my shelter?

I received "Who is my Shelter?" by Neta Jackson from  Shelter is the 4th book in the  House of Hope series, which is a spin-off series of the Yada Yada Prayer Group books.  The main character of the series is Gabby Fairbanks, a niave and wealthy woman from Virginia who moves with her "old money" husband to Chicago.  Her husband starts a business there, while she starts to work for a homeless shelter as an activity director.  In the first book her husband takes the children back to Virginia without telling her and kicks Gabby and her mother out of the house, putting them in said homeless shelter.  This fourth book is about Gabby and Philip, her husband, and her choices.  Gabby has also, during this series, been putting together the House of Hope.  A type of half-way house for homeless single moms and their children.  This book covers the bringing up of that home. 
My opinion......well for starters I'd like to say that I am totally in love with the Yada Yada Prayer Group series.  It does top the House of Hope series by far and I couldn't wait to get the next one.  The House of Hope series is good.  Really good.  Just not as good.  The problem is that I don't like Gabby very much.  She's kinda spoiled and sometimes I just can't figure out how she keeps on living.  But as the series grows, so does Gabby.  This is the best book of the series.  She has come into her own.  She also has some tough choices to make in this book; ones that I know I wouldn't want to have to make.  Well worth the read.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

lady in waiting book review

Now this is a good book.  A really good book. Lady in Waiting by Susan Meissner  follows two Janes and tells two different stories that tie together because of a ring.  The first Jane is in modern day Manhattan.  She is an antique dealer with pushy parents and a husband who has left her to "find himself".  She has allowed everyone to make all of her decisions for her throughout her life.    The second Jane is from the 1550's England.  She is of noble birth, with pushy parents and her husband will be chosen for what he can provide for her parents.  She has had all her decisions made for her throughout her life as well, tho not entirely willingly.  The ring is originally owned by the 1550 Jane and tells the story of how she got the ring and what happened to her.  The ring is bought by the Manhattan Jane and tells the story of what she will do with her wayward husband and the rest of her life.  Both women decide to make their own decisions and deal with the consiquences.
This is one of those books that you don't want to go to bed at night because that means you will have to stop reading.  It is well written, it is not far fetched.  Tho fiction it is a work of "what if".  This book will make you reconcider antiques and the story behind them. This book was free to me from 

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Amish Love Review

I received "An Amish Love" from Booksneeze.  "An Amish Love" is a collection of three novellas: Healing Heart by Beth Wiseman, A Marriage of the Heart, by Kelly Long, and What the Heart Sees by Kathleen Fuller.  All three stories center around the same small Amish town.  All three stories are complete fairy tales; never gonna happen.  On the other hand, who doesn't love a good fairy tale.  The stories are really good and would work even without the whole Amish thing.  Sometimes I wonder if writers stick in Amish stuff to improve the sales.  It seems if they aren't writing about Amish, its a vampire.  But anyway, this book is a good read. 
The first story, "A Marriage of the Heart" is about a girl who says a boy kissed her when he didn't so she has to get married within the hour.  Yeah, right.  But anyway, they fall in love over time and work through the grooms drug problem.  The second story, "What the Heart Sees" is a little more deep.  It is about the aftermath of a serious car wreck and forgiveness.  The third, "Healing Hearts"  is about a couple of emptynesters and their path to refind each other.  This book is a good collection of love storys that will be enjoyed by any woman of any faith. 

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Precious Moments Storybook Bible Review

Recently I read the Precious Moments Storybook Bible to my 6 year old and she loves it.  This storybook bible is a collection  favorite bible stories, songs, prayers, and praise.  It is broken into 4 collections:  Favorite Bible Classics, Words of Praise and Wisdom, More Stories of Faith, and Songs and Prayers.  The illustrations are what make this book stand out.  Our family has a special spot for Precious Moments being that my mother-in-law lives near the chapel and we can visit it every year or so.  The book is written at a K-3 grade understanding level, but more of a 3rd grade reading.  It does not talk down to children or "dumb down" the story.  It reads like a bible.  The only part I don't like about it is that the stories are not in biblical order.  The stories in each collection are, but as a whole book they are not.  For instance, Jesus feeds the 5,000 on page 47 and is born on page 115.  That does throw off an adult reader, but my 6 year old never noticed.  I think this book would not only be a wonderful addition to a beginning readers collection, but to any Precious Moments fan as well. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year's eve

My New Year's Eves have changed drastically in my life.  This year I ate a healthy spinach and muchroom omelet at IHOP, saw Little Fockers, went to a party with a swinging game of UNO, and still managed to make it home by 10:30 where I brought in the new year with a 6 year old and Brendan Fraiser.  Not even a hot "journey to the center of the earth" Brendan Fraiser, but middle aged "Furry Vengance" Brendan Fraiser.  (Sarah's been on that kick lately.)  Seventeen years ago at this time I would have been to hung over to slur 2 words together let alone put together a paragraph.  Strangely I don't feel I have missed anything this year.  Like the Bible says:  there's a time for this and a time for that.  And right now is a time for diet dr. pepper, a sleepy kindergartner, and the comfy version of Link.  Happy 2011!