Thursday, June 30, 2016

Ghosts of war review

"Ghosts of War" by Brad Taylor is a Pike Logan thriller.  In this novel, Pike's team has been laid off leaving some of the members to take on other opportunities.  For instance, locating and obtaining an ancient Torah that was stolen by Nazi's and recently discovered in Poland.  While on their mission, The president of the US has been killed in a conspiracy involving Russians and Israelis that are trying to dethrone Putin, leader of Russia.
This book is full of action.  Not the running around trying to unlock secrets and find clues, though they are doing that, but the dirty bombs, heads exploding, torturing while saving the world and stopping WWIII type.  It is nonstop adrenaline from start to finish.  I would say this is primarily a "guy" book, though I'm not a guy and I enjoyed it as well.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review from

Friday, June 10, 2016

Miram review

"Miriam" by Mesu Andrews is the part 2 to "Pharaoh's Daughter".  Personally, I like this one best.  The story follows Miriam's wait and return of her brother Moses.  Miriam lives in slavery with the rest of the Hebrews under the Egyptians.  Early in the novel, Miriam takes in a distant relative who has been tossed out of the harem of Pharaoh.  The novel follows the families in slavery and the way of life of the Hebrews during this time.
This was kind of a hard book to get into, however, the history and educational aspect was wonderful.  Andrews gives a lot of research to the exploring of the time period.   She also explores man's tendency to cling to the familiar instead of reaching out for the better.  The way the slaves feared Moses' message and fought against change.  I liked this book even though it was long and took a bit to grow on me.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review from

Thursday, June 9, 2016

HLHS and ronald mcdonald

My daughter has Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome.  She only has half of her heart.  On Tuesday she participated in a study at Children's Mercy Hospital for single ventricle kids.  She did extremely well and I am so proud of her.  She normally has a flair for the dramatic, but this time she reigned it all in and performed to the best of her athletic ability.  For a kid in her condition she is very healthy.  She can do almost everything she wants, it just so happens she hates sports.  Usually we go to a smaller hospital closer to home that is a branch from the main children's mercy, but this time we had to go to the main hospital.  The same hospital that she had her first three open heart surgeries done.  I have PTSD.  Just trying to remember the route in which to travel to get there put me into a tail spin.  Remembering the sights and the turns.  The land marks.  I really, really, did not want to go back there.  I hated every second of it.  While in the research lab, all was fine.  I had never been there before, my daughter did well and so did I.  But the parking, getting into the stupid Yellow Submarine elevator, seeing the tree the homeless man slept in, all made me a bit on the crazy side.  I cried the night before.  I just couldn't seem to deal with the anxiety.  I have a friend that has triplets and had similar experiences with their births.  Not heart related, but still serious health issues.  She has similar problems with dealing with her memories.  I know I am not alone in all this.  It just feels like it.

Anywaaaay,  the pictures posted is her donating pop tabs to the Ronald McDonald House.  The box is full of tabs.  We thank everyone soooo much, but hey!  Not so much pop ya'll!