Saturday, August 31, 2013


Beautiful Fools- R. Clifton Spargo
When Mockingbirds Sing- Billy Coffey
Renegade- Mel Odom
Swept Away- Mary Connealy
South of Shiloh- Chuck Logan
 Blaze of Glory- Jeff Shaara
 Ruth- Darlene Schact
 Deliver Us From Evelyn- Chris Well
House of Tribulation- Chris Well
 Tattler's Branch- Jan Watson
A Wanted Man- Lee Child
This wraps up Summer. Read 11 books this month, 8 real and 3 digital. I was in a Battle of Shiloh mood since we will be visiting there soon. Probably won't read much next month. I will be taking a vacation and football has started at the high school. That's a lot of not reading.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

KCMO trilogy

The Kansas City Blues Trilogy consists of three crime booksby Chris Well: Forgiving Solomon; Deliver Us From Evelyn; and House of Tribulation. The books flow in order, but do not need to be read in order to follow. The books revolve around organized crime in Kansas City, MO and the police/Feds united force that brings them down. In "Forgiving Solomon" Solo, who is a contracted killer for the Catalano family has been working int he field since he was a young man. This is not his first kill; not even his first priest. However, it is the first psychological problem following a killing. Now every time he tries to finish his contract the priest keeps showing up and the Gideon Bible in his motel room keeps opening to the page that says, "Thou shalt not kill." Now matter what he does to the bible, it keeps coming back like a Ouija board. Now the mob is after him. "Deliver Us From Evelyn" follows the cops that were chasing Solo and their next case. Blake, a mega rich media dude is missing and his wife doesn't seem to care; that is until someone points that out and then she makes the cops' lives hell to make it look as though she does. "House of Tribulation" returns to the mob and the two thugs that are trying to squeeze money from the community. The local church thinks it has discovered the date and time of the end of the world. One man's path to distruction while he waits is followed as well. These are real page turners. Throughout the story line there are unexpected twists and turns that leave the reader wondering about what would happen next. They are Christian novels, but follow none of the rules. I love this author's character development. I love the twists. Especially when the mob puts pressure for money on the church and they tell them that they will have to take it to the board before they can ok a payment to the mob. These are funny, awesome books. Anyone would enjoy reading this series. I received this book for free from the author through Story Cartel.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

study of Ruth

"Ruth: A Woman of virtue" by Darlene Schacht is a Life-Application Bible Study.  This short e-book is a brief, but good study of the book of Ruth.  The study breaks up the scripture and both studies it and gives a historical background.  It also goes into language as well. 
Though I thought the structure a little eratic, the study itself was well written and interesting.  Ruth is probably one of the most popular people from the bible.  Especially as far as women are concerned.  I really liked this study.  I received this e-book for free from the author through her facebook page,

Thursday, August 15, 2013


"Out of Darkness" by Darrel Case is a great Christian mystery novel.  It is the story of a well known highly moneyed pastor of a mega church complex.  David Padgett went to his luxury bed one night well loved by his family, had many he called friends, money was no object and worries were a distant memory in his life.  His sermons were attended by thousands and his speaking engagements were packed.  His wife Anne was well loved also and had her own women's conferences which were well attended.  David was planning his retirement after which their only son, Robert, would take over.  David and Anne lived in a mansion on the church grounds and Robert lived in a duplicate mansion.  Nothing could be better- oh David thought his spiritual life could use more time with God and reading scripture- but he didn't have time to worry on that as his life was very full just fulfilling his church obligations.  Then David is arrested for a murder that he didn't commit and his world starts to crumble.
This is a great story of how a great man starts out depending on God for his success and then when he makes it big, decides that it is all due to his own greatness.  Mr. Case writes a good 'who done it' and well constructs the plot of intrigue.  I read this book in 1 1/2 days.  I usually read fiction written by women but this story can easily be read by both sexes with equal entertainment.  I would recommend this novel to any reader who loves mystery reading.  I feel honored to be able to have read this book.  Mr. Case is a great writer and I enjoyed the experience.  I received this book from the author through the website.  (submitted by CB)

struggles review

"Struggles and Triumphs- Women who overcame" by Cynthia L. Simmons is a book of numerous women in history.  For instance: Kateryn, one of Henry VIII's wives, who found herself about to be arrested for speaking too freely to him about her faith and what she though that he should do about it politically.  Women in the 1540's were not normally educated and Kateryn was teaching her servants to read.  Kateryn was ahead of her time, but risked her life to do so.  Another woman was Louise who was Duchess of Coburg.  She had just found out that her husband, Duke of Earnest has an eye for the very young girls of the country.  She was seeking to escape her marriage, but was afraid not only for her reputation, but for her life.  Katie Luther, wife of Martin had a very different life.  Martin believed in Katie's knowledge and trusted her with the family finances and made the family quite wealthy.  This way they could continue to help the poor in Marin's community.  Martin meant so much to his students that they continued to study after his death and write a book on his teachings.  There are many more women, who are seldom mentioned in history books, but who changed the world for their faith in Jesus Christ. 
This book is an easy to read book for the reader who wants to have a basic knowledge of a few of the women of faith in hour history.  The famous men of our churches we know of, but their wives are basically unknown.  This book could be fleshed out easily and made much more interesting.  There is basically one event that is mentioned in each woman's chapter and it is evident that they could have told much more.  The author just gives us a taste with only 159 pages in the book.  Obviously it is a very quick read.  I would call it average, but could be a lot better with some fleshing out.  I received this book for free from the author through the website. 
(submitted by CB)

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

women are always working

"Working Women of the Bible" by Susan Dimickele is a study of 15 women from the Bible. The author takes the women of all types and helps the reader to get insight from these long ago women. She starts with the first woman, Eve, who is a well known woman of the Bible- discusses her strengths and weaknesses as well as contrasting them with the traits of the modern woman. Ms Dimickele does not just discuss women of high reputation such as Mary, mother of Jesus, but also Jezebel a woman of questionable reputation. She contrasts Mary and Martha, pros and cons. Many studies look at Martha as the worker and Mary as the woman who takes the time to learn from Jesus, but this book looks into Martha as the woman willing to combine the two characteristics. This book looks at and studies all these women, and also has a sense of humor. She also looks at the way that modern women live their lives and how we can learn from the ancient woman of Biblical times. These women had the same dreams for their children that we have. These women had to balance their individual jobs with time spent listening to their mentor, Jesus, just as the modern woman needs to balance jobs and children with time spent learning from the mentors of our day. I liked reading and learning from the women of ancient times. Ms Dimickele does an excellent job of drawing the reader into the lives of the women and then showing the reader how their own lives can be enriched by the teachings of these mostly uneducated women. This author has shown in a new way the timeless quality of the Bible's teaching through the lives of these women. All women of the faith should read this book and they will enjoy it. I received this book from the publisher: Leafwood Publishers through a giveaway on (Submitted by CB)

Monday, August 12, 2013

swept away review

"Swept Away" by Mary Connealy is the first book in the "Trouble in Texas" series. This novel begins when Ruthy is with her adopted family on the Santa Fe Trail and is swept down river. She is found by Luke, a man bent on revenge, who is headed to Texas to reclaim his ranch. When the two arrive in Broken Wheel, Texas they meet up with Luke's friends from Andersonville Prison. And the battle begins. The book has a great story. I especially love the Andersonville storyline. I wish Connealy had gone into it more. In fact, a prequel would be a fantastic idea. There is lots of drama and action, however, the diaolague was a little lengthy. I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from The Book Club Network.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

renegade review

"Renegade" by Mel Odom is book two of the Called to Serve series.  I haven't read book 1, and though it sounds good, it isn't necessary to read before this one.  In "Renegade", Pike, a low level criminal is in the witness protection program to testify against the killers of his best friend, Pete.  He has been there for three years.  Strangely, the witness protection has given him the most stability he has ever known and Pike isn't sure how he feels about that.  Pike is also in the Marine reserves.  In book 1 of the series, the main character is Bekah, who is Pike's partner while deployed in Afghanistan in book 2.  The book takes turns in focus chapter by chapter with Pike being the main character, but the reader is also introduced to Bekah and Yaqub, an al Qaeda leader.  Yaqub has kidnapped US CIA agents. The three characters become entangled in the war in Afghanistan.

I really liked this book.  It is well written, the characters are clear.  Pike, though a criminal is still a likable character that the reader becomes invested in. Macho is his middle name.  Yaqub is even humanized and clear.  I will be reading Book One to catch up and if there is a book 3, I'll read that one too.  B+.  I received this book from Tyndale Publishing.

Monday, August 5, 2013


July was very chaotic.  We had the county fair, Shriner's Bowl, husband went to NYC for a week, Fourth of July.  I had little time to do much, especially since the babysitter went to Masonic Band camp the same week that the husband/business owner went to NYC.  It was stressful!  I only read 7 books.  I need to kick it into gear.  I am seriously behind.  I even have taken on an assistant reviewer for awhile.  If you see CB that's her.  She has her own blog as well, but her children are grown so she's got time to kill.  Here is the list of July reads:
Running for my Life- Lopez Lomong
Fifth Assassin- Brad Meltzer
One Glorious Ambition- Jane Kirkpatrick
Buffalo Girls- Larry McCarthy
Rebekah- Jill Eileen Smith
Empty Glass- J.I. Baker
Scent of Lilacs- Ann H. Gabhart
Six were real, mostly from the library, and one was digital.  The best of the month was Lopez Lomong's autobiography with Buffalo Girls coming second.  Lomong isn't the best writer in the world but what a story.  And the dude is funny!  McCarthy's book is second because Calamity Jane is awesome and McCarthy can write! 

Saturday, August 3, 2013

when mockingbirds review

"When Mockingbirds Sing" by Billy Coffey is a fantasy novel about a stuttering, shy girl, Leah and her strange parents who move to a small town that seems keep its population the same always with few new comers.  Leah's parents have a huge birthday party for her and the Rainbow man comes to befriend Leah and give her knowledge. 
This whole book is kinda weird.  It has great reviews and I am not sure why.  The whole thing seems like the author's a weak attempt to be deep.  There is little introduction so the reader spends the first part of the novel wondering what's going on.  With the exception of Allie, none of the characters are particuarly likable. I didn't like this one, however, many people do.  Give it a shot. I received this book for free from

Thursday, August 1, 2013

scent of lilacs review

"Scent of Lilacs" by Ann H. Gabhart, volume 1 in the Hollyhill Series, is a great book.  It's one of those take around the house with you while you read, stay up late, don't do what you're supposed to 'cuz you're reading kinda books.  It's 1964 and David's, a pastor/newspaper man, world is never going to be the same.  David's wife/floozy left him seven years ago and he has since been raising his younger daughter with the help of his aunt, Love.  Soon things start to happen in Hollyhill that shake David up.  For starters, his long lost daughter (the older of the two) comes home to Hollyhill, KY from California. 
Things seem to happen in a rapid fire motion in a way that would probably never happen in real life, in fact you might say in soap opera fashion.  Does that make it any less enjoyable?  No.  I like a good soap opera.  I liked this book.  A-.  I received this book for free from The Book Club Network.