Wednesday, February 29, 2012

stand by me: the book review

We all know the Yada Yada Sisters right?  Neva Jackson has now expanded on that series and has started the SouledOut Sister Series. This one is not as good as the Yada Yada (that's hard to beat) but it is better than her last series with Gabby Fairbanks.  This series takes on Avis, the leader of the Yada Yada group. The reader now gets to know her as a person rather than as the "saint" that all the Yada Yadas veiw her as.  Avis is not only mother-earthy and a powerful leader with an intimate relationship with God, but she also is a sucker when it comes to her daughter, a bit predjudice, and quiet frankly, a grouch.  There, I said it, saint Avis is a crabby pants.  Sharing the lead role in the SouledOut series is Kat.  Kat is a graduate student who is getting a "urban experience", whatever that is, by living in Chicago and going to a multicultural church.  She is Avis' new neighbor, the oil to her water.  Kat has all the answers, just ask her, she'll tell you.  Her favorite pastime is dumpster diving.  No she isn't hungery, she just doesn't want to waste food.  She's not eating it by the way, she's passing it out to all the people of color she sees.  She is about as tactful as a bull in heat.  Anyway, the two bash about Chicago, clashing and fixing each other's problems as they go.  Stand By Me is not only about the mixing of races in society and its value, but mostly it's about the mixing of generations and how important it is to never lose touch with what you were and will be. This is an enjoyable book, a quick read, and wonderful fresh look at the Yada Yada books. I received "Stand By Me" by Neva Jackson for free from

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

covenant of war review

Covenant of War by Cliff Graham is the second book in the Lion of War series.  Lion of War books follow Old Testament David and his war life.  Most David books like to follow his sex life, so this is a whole new twist to the
David story.  This is a very violent book.  It is graphic and full of blood and gore.  I cringed many times.  It is however, a very good book.  Though clearly written for a guy in mind, being a woman, I still wanted to finish the book and enjoyed it immensly.  Covenant of War follows the battles shortly before and following David's overtaking of the North (Isreal).  I received this book for free from 

Friday, February 17, 2012

sweeter than birdong review

I received "Sweeter than Birdsong" by Roslynn Elliot for free from  This book takes place in the 1850's in Ohio.  The main character is Kate Winter, an 18 year old woman who is completely controlled by her mother.  Her mom will remind you of the mom in "Titanic" and now that I've said that you will see her in your head too.  Kate has two men that she is interested in, one, Fredrick, is the one her mom likes.  Fredrick is great and all, but his dad is a bit of a fox, leaving you to wonder how far Kate can trust Fredrick.  Ben is the other one.  He is of moderate means and wants to be a minister.  Mom doesn't like him.  This book advertises itself to be a romatic novel with all the concerns of being proper and polite and well, boring.  However, it really is a book about the Underground Railroad.  It is an adventure book. Kate goes on the trip of her life when she unknowingly agrees to go with Ben's mother on a little day trip and whinds up attempting to rescue fugitives. It is really great once you get about 1/4 of the way into it.  I recommend this book.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

breath of angel review

I received "Breath of Angel" by Karyn Henley for free from Blogging for Books.  This is book one of the Angelaeon Circle. The main character is Malaia, a chantress/priestess that witnesses a murder of an angel on the first page.  She is the educator of a bunch of girls living in Camrithia, strangely, she is only 14 and yet the woman who was supposed to be the leader managed to miss huge chunks of education to give to Malaia.  Malaia, after witnessing the murder, becomes involved in a immortal war between two brothers who are fighting over an incedent with a tree and some angels.  The book is full of miscellanious imaginative figures:  angels, shapeshifters, birds with human souls, etc.  The whole time I was reading I kept feeling like I had missed the real book one.  I am not much for sci-fi so I was sure what most of the characters were supposed to be and there were so many of them it was easy to get confused.  I'm not a big sci-fi girl so I am afraid most was lost on me.  I am also not in the young adult reading category.  That would make a difference as well.