Monday, November 8, 2010

1st book review

Well, here it is.  The first book review.  "the boyfriend list"  by e. lockhart gets the honor.  The basic summary by the author goes: 15 guys, 11 shrink appointments, 4 ceramic frogs and me, ruby oliver.  To elaborate it would be a 15 year old girl (Ruby) has panic attacks after a "leprosy" outbreak and winds up in therapy.  The four frogs are related to a gift from a certain boy.  The therapist assigns her to write a list of all the boys she has had any, and I mean any, romantic contact with.  Even from afar.  This book is like a little trip down memory lane.  I dare you, double dog dare you, to not make your own boyfriend list while reading this book. She names each boy and circumstance from pre-school to sophmore in high school to her therapist  bringing together how each relationship counts.  No matter how small, they all count.  Its really a book for teens, its cute, funny, and like I said, dredges up all those delightful memories you would rather forget but somehow seem so much funnier when it's someone else. 4 stars

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