Thursday, December 9, 2010

a time to dance book review

A Time To Dance by Karen Kingsbury is a Christian drama novel about John and Abby, a couple who have been married for over 20 years and are the brink of divorce.  At the time they are planning to announce their divorce to their children, the oldest child announces her engagement to Matt, her boyfriend.  Throughout most of the book, the couple tries to conduct business as usual without their children finding out there is trouble in paradise.  The resoning for the divorce is that Abby has gotten too busy to cater to John and John has taken up with a co-worker, Charlene.  John and Charlene have never had sex, so he claims it is only friendship.  Clearly it is not and this is flaunted to Abby at every opportunity. 
This book will stir up plenty of emotions while reading it.  The more prominent emotion will be a deep hatred for John.  Frankly, John is a self-centered ass and can't be trusted.  You will find yourself asking "are men really this stupid?"  As you read further you will discover, "yes, they are."  He eventually comes to his senses, but it literally takes an act of God to get him to see the light.  The spiritual point of this book is that what God has but together, let no man seperate.  It is repeated over and over.  At first I wanted to stop reading this book, but continued and I am glad I did.  It is a moving and well written book.  It certainly makes one think about marriage, family, and their personal relationship with God. Stirs up the emotions, that's for sure.   I wish John had been a little more likable, but I guess if he was, he probably wouldn't have been in the trouble he was in.  Two thumbs up.

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