Sunday, April 13, 2014

21 Days to faith

" A Life of Faith: 21 Days to Overcoming Fear and Doubt" by Shelley Hitz is a 21 day devotional guiding the reader to have more faith in God.  Each day opens with scripture and an introductory story with the writer telling a personal experience of stepping out in faith.  There is a Faith Challenge where the reader is given a homework of journal writing or discussion to meet the point of that day.  It is followed by prayer, usually told with a particular biblical person in mind.  Finally there is a Story of Faith.  This is different writers stories of their stepping out in faith.  Scripture is sprinkled throughout the entire devotion.
I like to do a devotion every morning to keep in the practice of talking to God and learning about his word.  This devotion does the job.  I especially liked how Hitz incorporated other authors in the Story of Faith to keep the devotion exciting and tell Faith through a different view.  I liked this devotion.  I recommend it for a daily exercise.  I received this e-book through

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