Friday, June 27, 2014

Good call review

Jase Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame has put together a book called "Good Call."  I am not sure what you would call it... an autobiography, maybe?  He writes in an interesting and unique manner.  He tends to stick with the topics of God and hunting, weaving back and forth between the two.  Well, zig zagging is more that phrase I would use rather than weaving.  He tends to shift between the two topics without much warning.  And the man does love those two topics.  If you can't stand either one, than you probably won't get far in this book, even if you are a DD fan.  However, if you are open minded to Christianity and know and understand hunting, than this is an interesting book.  His stories are interesting, especially about hunting.  The farther you get in the book, the better he gets.  He tends to reveal more of the personality you see on TV as he gets more comfortable in the writing.  I give it a 3 stars due to taking awhile to warm up.  It is number 1 best seller on the outdoor and hunting list.  It is definitely that good.

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