Sunday, October 26, 2014

here come the pumpkins

"The Halloween Curse" by M. R. James is a mid-level grade school age (4-6 grade) Halloween mystery keeping with the tradition of RL Stine.  The text is an easy read, with not remotely possible scary scenarios.  In the town of Boo, two siblings, Amanda and Bill, are trying to figure out how the pumpkins are attacking kids and what is happening to the kids afterwards when they disappear.  Their prime suspect is Mr. Night, a new-to-town antique book store owner that they are following around. 
This book would be considered ridiculous to a middle schooler, with the antics being so impossible.  They wouldn't find it scary.  However, if the child were too young, you might wind up with a kid that is terrified of pumpkins.  The 4-6 grade level would not believe the story possible, yet still find it scary enough for a good read.  The text is easy enough for that age as well.  I received this book in the Member Giveaways on

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