Friday, November 21, 2014

sooner or later

"God'll Cut You Down" by John Safran is a real life crime story about a white supremacist, a black hustler, a murder, and a whole lotta sides.  "God'll" is the telling of the story in the time of the writing of the book adventure. Safran, an Australian Jew, travels to Mississippi to research the story of Richard Barrett, a white supremacist, who has some sort of relationship with Vincent McGee, a black 20 something repeat offender.  Vincent murders Richard, whether it was a lover's spat or a employee abuse gone wrong, or a race inspired murder, no one knows.  That is what Safran is trying to find out.  All are possibilities.
This is a captivating book.  The murder never really makes much sense, but I imagine most don't.  Strangely, this book is actually pretty funny.  I like how the author spins the story making even the racial tension in the south be amusing.  The further into the book the author goes the less amusing it gets and the more tense it gets.  The murder mystery has more layers than a ogre. I highly recommend this book.  This book was given to me in exchange for an honest review from First to Read. 

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