Monday, June 29, 2015

Silent creed review

If this book doesn't make you paranoid, I don't know what will.  "Silent Creed" is the newest in the Ryder Creed series by Alex Kava.  Creed, a former dog handler with the army, has been called in to do a favor for an associate.  A land slide has wiped out a research facility in North Carolina.  A classified, off the radar, research facility.  Creed has been hired to quietly search the area  for signs and bodies attached to the facility. The military's history of experimenting with lethal doses has been both carried out and denied for years.  The congress has finally acknowledged the cover up, but is still denying any assistance with the soldiers that were harmed.  Kava uses several different characters and their angles into the past military research and cover-up involving both the military and US citizens. 
Ryder Creed is my new favorite fiction hero.  Creed and his dogs are always diligent in finding their victims and solving the crime while they are at it.  Kava combines her new main character, Creed, with her established O'Dell series.  Maggie O'Dell is an FBI agent.  The dog handler point of view is a fresh new angle of mystery solving and the characters are well written.  I received this novel from First to Read. 

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