Wednesday, July 1, 2015

lethal beauty review

"Lethal Beauty" the latest installment in the Mia Quinn Mystery series by Lis Wiehl.  In this novel Mia is prosecuting a man who is accused of killing a Chinese immigrant working in a "massage parlor".  Following the hung jury verdict, Mia's not taking no for an answer.  She continues to try and find a way of bringing the murderer to justice.  She stumbles into an evil web the Chinese undocumented immigration, and the underground world of slavery, prostitution, and drugs. 
I found this book brought to mind many things that I know to be true, yet had not put together.  "Lethal" is probably the best book of the series.  Wiehl didn't include the football player in this one, so he was sorely missed; however, I liked that the series took a turn to focus more on Mia.  The reader became more involved with her children and work place.  The women in this book became more of the heroes as well.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review from

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