Monday, December 14, 2015

House at Homecoming Review

"The House at Homecoming Cove" by Ginny Baird begins as a simple romance, but then the ghosts enter the picture.  I would classify this as a romance/mystery/ghost story.  There is a little something for everyone.  Melissa is a pianist that writes music for television shows.  She has writer's block, therefore, she rents a house in Homecoming Cove for a month to set her mind straight.  While there she meets Stone, the caretaker's goodlookin' grandson who does the yard work.  The two have sort of de ja vu thing going on and an instant attraction turns to romance.  Melissa learns of the house's story and the legend of Fiona, the ghost of the house.  As Fiona is haunting the two, the romance is brewing.  When they aren't gazing they are trying to solve the mystery of why Fiona is haunting in the first place. 
Though an experience romance reader might find the story predictable, the younger reader will love it.  It is a sweet romance. Making out, no sex.  I would recommend it for the teen to 30 year old crowd.  Or really any one wanting a little romance and is tired of the "just sex" part.  I received this book from the author through the Sweet Team. 

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