Wednesday, March 23, 2016


Who doesn't love Jack Reacher?  I ask you!  Well, maybe the bad guys.  In Lee Child's novel, "Never Go Back, "  Reacher has finally gotten to that "voice on the phone" and met Turner.  The new commander of the 110th.  Reacher's old stompin' grounds.  Upon arrival, both he and Turner become the targets of an underhanded scheme to keep secrets buried.  Turner finds herself arrested for taking a bribe and Reacher for both murder and failure to support a child.  Yep.  Reacher just might have a little Reacher out there.  The battle to prove their innocence covers from one coast to another.  There are bad guys everywhere and no is telling the truth.  Who is who and what is what? 
As usual, I love Lee Child's Reacher.  Very rarely do I think, "Eh, it was ok."  This was one of those mysteries where you lie in bed and night and try to figure it out.  I loved it.  Go read it.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review from 

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