Friday, May 13, 2011

finally an awesome amish book

Just finished "The Promise of an Angel" by Ruth Reid which I got for free from (an e-book) This book is about Judith, an Amish woman in Michigan who is promised, but not engaged to Levi.  While in a fit of jealousy concerning Levi, her brother Samuel, whom she is supposed to be watching, has a fall and is paralyzed.  During the aftermath of the accident, Judith sees an angel and loses Levi to her sister.  Oh, and Andrew comes into the picture too.  The underlining theme of this story is faith.  Faith can make one seem well......crazy.  But once you've got it, it makes perfect sense.
It seems now adays that everbody is writing about the amish.  Do they actually know any amish?  I don't know, but it seems you can't throw a rock in a Christian book store without hitting one in the head. so to speak.  Usually I can't even get through one.  It's pie this and humble that.  Everyone is  good as gold.  They look at someone crosseyed and go running for forgiveness.  But "Promise of an Angel", FINALLY an awesome amish book!  These people are well...people.  I like that in a person.  They have sexual tension.  Cuz that's what 19 year olds do.  They screw up, feel bad about it, screw up again, feel bad about it.  They are normal people.  They try a little harder than most, but they still kiss, and laugh, and are mean, and nice.  These are some amish that I could get to know.  I fell in love with Andrew.  If there is an Andrew tree out there, I want one in my yard.  Read the book.  You must, read the book.

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