Friday, May 20, 2011

no place like holmes review

I received "No Place Like Holmes" (e-book) by Jason Lethcoe for free from  Holmes is a novel aimed at boys from the grades of 3rd to 7th, depending on reading level.  But I'd say 3-7 would be the interest level.  Holmes is about Sherlock Holmes' neighbor, Snodgrass, and  Snodgrass' nephew, Griffin.  Griffin is 12.  Griffin is American and has been sent to stay the summer in London with his uncle, whom he has never met.  Holmes is Snodgrass' arch enemy.  Snodgrass is also a detective, but lives his life in the shadow of the great Sherlock Holmes. Snodgrass and Griffin come together to form a dynamic duo.  With Griffin deductive reasoning and his uncle's brilliant inventions the two attempt to solve a crime and save London in the process.
Like I said this is written for middle aged boys.  So, I wouldn't say I was real impressed with it.  I imagine if I were a boy of about 12 I would have loved it.  So if I were to think like a boy I would say, "it was pretty good."  Cuz, boys of 12 don't say much.

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