Monday, August 29, 2011

Stumbling into grace

I received "Stumbling into Grace" by Lisa Harper for free from  This is a non-fiction book written sort of like a diary, but I guess I would call it a collection of sermons.  Not real sure how to categorize it.  I read it strait through, but it would make more sense to read it as a small group study or a devotional.  It is sectioned into 15 chapters with each chapter ending in prayer, discussion questions, and journal entry suggestions.  The chapters each have a topic of the day and the authors thoughts on the topic along with bible stories in which her topic is pertaining to.
I really like this book.  I should have read it in a devotional method.  It is funny, thoughtful, and she seems to be able to get into the reader's head.  Aimed at women of course.  A man would get use out of it, but would probably avoid it because of gender content.  Its a short book and I recommend it for study groups or devotionals.

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