Monday, August 15, 2011

canary list review

I received "The Canary List" by Sigmund Brouwer for free from  The two main characters from this book are Crocket, a teacher whose daughter died at 12 years old, and Jaimie, a twelve year old student in his class who happens to be able to detect evil when she meets people.  Crocket and Jaimie get into trouble and our story begins when her foster home burns down and she is discovered at his house hiding. 
Let me start with this is a complicated story.  There are twists and turns everywhere.  Jaimie is being hunted because of her ability to see evil, she is being hidden because of her ability, and then you've got "The Prince" which is all tied to the vatican and the CIA.  You also have Crocket's daughter and his weird situation with his ex-wife and her attorney/Crocket's friend.  There is also the missing neighbor.  Like I said conspiracy out the ying-yang.  This is not a story that you can skim through.  You have to read each paragraph and re-read some on it to.  You are never totally sure what's going on, but you can't wait to find out.

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