Sunday, September 11, 2011

wrapped in rain review

I received "Wrapped in Rain" by Charles Martin (an e-book) for free from  I had never heard of Charles Martin before, but after reading this book, I looked him up and have discovered that he has many books out there.  If the rest of them are as good as Wrapped in Rain he will become one of my favorite authors.  He is really good.  He kinda reminds me of Wally Lamb. 
Wrapped in Rain is about two boys who are raised by their incredibly rich, incredibly drunk father and their Christian maid, Miss Ella.  Miss Ella reminds me of the Oricle in the Matrix movies.  She takes care of everything and she knows everything.  She also tells you what to do all the time.  The oldest brother is the main character and the younger has a myriad of mental illnesses.  This story is about the two brothers forgiving the father and coming to love a 5 year old boy who comes to live with them with his mother while hiding from his abusive father. 

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