Friday, April 6, 2012

zee james

I am a bit of a history nut, so "The Woman Who Loved Jesse James" was right up my alley.  There are probably hundreds of books about Jesse James, his brother, even his mother, but rarely is his wife even mentioned.  I knew very little about her other than he had one.  Zee James is the focus of this novel. Zee is usually described as a blah person, dull, and just sort of "there".  This book tries to get into her head.  It shows an interesting side to the Jesse James story that won't be found elsewhere. It claimes to be completely fictional, but seems to do a pretty good job of following historical accounts I have read before.    It will also leave many women reading the book to be grateful they didn't marry that bad boy they were intested in in high school.  Jesse was not husband of the year, that is for sure.  I truly liked this book and highly recommend it.  I received "The Woman Who Loved Jesse James" by Cindi Myers for free from

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  1. Hi, Beckie,

    Sounds like a great premise - the forgotten wife of a legendary outlaw. Got to get myself a copy.