Saturday, March 31, 2012

See ya March

March update.  8 books.  I am kinda impressed with myself since the John Brown book was around 800 pages.  I didn't think I'd read many.  Here goes:
 Just Like Me, Max Lucado;
Cloudsplitter, Mr. Banks;
Eyes of the Beholder, Lis Wiehl;
 Murder of King Tut, J. Patterson;
Heart Echos, Sally John,
 The Elsingham Portrait, Elizabeth Chater;
Worth Dying For (a CD book), Lee Child;
and Maid of Fairborne Hall, Julie Klassen.
 Four historical books, a devotional, and three contemporary.  One was a book on CD and two were on the kindle.  no rhyme or reason here.  Got two Julia Child books checked out today from the library.  Gonna do a little French.
This month started Walk Kansas.  Been trying to excercise at LEAST 2 hours a week.  Last week I barely cut that but this week I did a lot more.  That's gonna cut into my reading time, but obviously I need to excercise and if I'm gonna cut out reading for something, a work out is a good one to do it with.  Now!  Gonna plant that garden!

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