Monday, August 20, 2012

hope road review

"Hope Road" by John Barlow is the story of a used car salesman, who is the white sheep of the family.  His father and brother were rackateers and general criminals.  Well, not general, they were at the top of the heap.  John Ray is the 'good son' who goes to college and tries to make good.  He is running his father's former front business of selling cars, when his saleman gets arrested for murdering a prostitute and dealing fake money.  John Ray must solve the crime to get his salesman/friend out of jail and the right person fingered so that the crime boss (who happens to be the hooker's father) can kill the right guy.
"Hope Road" is written in the style of Lee Child and David Ellis.  Tough as nails main character who you don't wanna mess with and he, of course, can figure out even the most cunning of plans.  It's a pretty good book.  The end I didn't especially like, but the rest was good.  I might mention that it is British, which really doesn't matter except the phrasing and slang is a bit different.  Sometimes I would have to read some of the wording a second time to make sure I got what was said. I recieved this e-book for free from

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