Wednesday, July 31, 2013

devotion- the novel

"Devotion" by Marianne Evans is a novel about a devoted Christian couple who have been married for almost 9 years.  They have been trying to have a baby that entire time but just have not been able to conceive.  This couple truly loves each other, but in the intervening years has begun to take each other for granted.  They live a wealthy lifestyle with Kellen in the music business as an agent to some very successful clients.  The business that he works for appreciates him and rewards him often with increases in his salary.  Juliet is very busy with her charity work pulling off very high end money making projects mostly for her church but also for the local homeless shelter.  Kellen has been gradually pulling away from time he usually spent in prayer, in Sunday morning worship, and just relaxing at home.  Chole steps in his office and his world rapidly takes off in a new direction as he finds himself unexpectedly drawn to her romantically.  He tries to resist but one day in his office they kiss and an office worker walks in on them.  Kellen instantly feels bad and immediately looses all romantic feeling for her.  Juliet accidentally finds out about the kiss in the bathroom at an office party.  This is the story of Juliet and Kellen working on their relationship and trying to find their way back to a healthy marriage. 
I liked this story, but found that the character of Kellen was much like we women wish that men felt and acted, but I don't think that most men would. This man was almost womanly in his actions.  I think that Ms Evans could have used more time discussing with men how they go about trying to resurrect a marriage.  However, this story was great and one that I think many of us in our busy working worlds of not spending as much time together and not enough time in prayer and in church is one that we need to hear and consider as we live out life. I received this e-book for free from the Book Club Network. (Submitted by CB)

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