Thursday, August 1, 2013

scent of lilacs review

"Scent of Lilacs" by Ann H. Gabhart, volume 1 in the Hollyhill Series, is a great book.  It's one of those take around the house with you while you read, stay up late, don't do what you're supposed to 'cuz you're reading kinda books.  It's 1964 and David's, a pastor/newspaper man, world is never going to be the same.  David's wife/floozy left him seven years ago and he has since been raising his younger daughter with the help of his aunt, Love.  Soon things start to happen in Hollyhill that shake David up.  For starters, his long lost daughter (the older of the two) comes home to Hollyhill, KY from California. 
Things seem to happen in a rapid fire motion in a way that would probably never happen in real life, in fact you might say in soap opera fashion.  Does that make it any less enjoyable?  No.  I like a good soap opera.  I liked this book.  A-.  I received this book for free from The Book Club Network. 

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