Wednesday, September 11, 2013

helen loves peter

"Helen Keller in Love" by Rosie Sultan is the fictional account of a true story.  Helen Keller, the deaf/blind girl that is infamous in American history, had never been alone with a man in any way until Peter.  Peter became her personal secretary when Annie Sullivan, the Annie Sullivan, became seriously ill with what was thought to be tuberculosis.  At the age of 37, Helen was ready for love, sex, any kind of relationship with a man, she also wanted a family of her own.  Peter filled that role.
Helen Keller is always fascinating, but one has to wonder, does anyone really know the real Helen Keller.  This book goes into the Helen Keller that was more human than the one that is perceived.  Helen was incredibly sheltered, lonely, and spoiled.  She also really wanted a man.  This novel goes into what it must be like to experience a "first" relationship at the age of 37 and how frustrating it must be to have to sneak around and hide it as if you are 14.  It is a well written book, Helen's character, though fictionalized, seems to really go deep into her mind and emotions.  I like this book, I just wish it were longer.  Did she ever have another?  I wonder.  I received this book in a giveaway on the site . 

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