Friday, September 20, 2013

moms devotion

"Devotions for Moms" by Heather Bixler is a 37 day devotion for Christian moms.  Each day has scripture and a story followed by either a prayer or further scripture reading.  This book is targeted for moms, but I would say that it would be suitable for anyone.  Some of the entries are momish, but some are not.  I am a mom, so some days spoke rather clear to me, especially when she talks about the kids putting clean clothes in the hamper so they don't have to put them away.  What is with that, btw!  I hate that.  Anyway, it is a pretty good devotional. There were quite a few editorial mistakes that need to be cleaned up, for example:  there/their, spellings, etc.  I can't recall if I have an advanced copy (digital) or not, but if it is advanced that probably was taken care of when it went to publishing.  I liked it and would recommend it to anyone, especially a mom.  I received this book for free from Becoming Press LLC.

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