Tuesday, October 29, 2013

the sixth station review

The second coming of Christ.  What if?  "The Sixth Station" by Linda Stasi is a big 'what if' in the second coming.  Alessandra is a modern world journalist who finds herself covering the biggest story of the millennium, Ben Yosef, a man who claims he is the Son of the Son, is on trial for terrorism.  Alessandra shares a surprise kiss with the accused terrorist and becomes 'the Chosen One'.  Alessandra is on the story to find out if he is the Son of the Son or is he just a crazy killer.  She gets caught between the good guys and the bad guys while covering the story and trying to escape being arrested herself for murder. 
"The Sixth Station" is like a Janet Evanovich novel and a Dan Brown novel got together and had a baby.  Alessandra is an amusing and lucky investigator who is after an ancient story with clues and nothing is as it seems.  This book isn't at the level as Evanovich or Brown, but it is still pretty good.  This is a fictional novel and is in no way to be taken seriously as a end of times non-fiction, it is a 'what if'.  What might the second coming be like?  Just because you have a certain image of the coming in mind, doesn't make that the only way.  He could come many different ways; this is one.  I liked it.  I recommend it.  I received this book through www.netgalley.com.   

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