Monday, November 4, 2013

unbreakable review

"Unbreakable" the second book in the Road to Kingdom series by Nancy Mehl is a novel that covers the dilemma of fighting back, or waiting for God.  Kingdom, a Kansas town of primarily Mennonites is being attacked by a group of people who hate Christians.  The attacks go beyond the Mennonite community, but  Mehl focuses on Kingdom, Kansas.   Jonathan is a Mennonite who is in favor of defending the town and trying to protect the people.  Ebbie is an elder who is in favor of praying and letting God protect the town.  The two men lead battles between the sides as the attacks go on.  They also battle it out for the heart of Hope, the main character.  Hope has a deep quiet love for Ebbie, but he doesn't really excite her much.  Jonathan makes her heart go pitter patter and puts the excitement in her.  She sees both sides of the defense issue as well. 
I really liked this book.  The characters, though Mennonite, were not portrayed as too naive or somehow slow.  The writing was good and the characters were well developed.  I have not read book one, and had no trouble following book 2.  I wished that the author had taken a little time at the beginning to lead the readers into what the town was like before the attacks; it seemed to hit the dilemma too fast.  However, if I had read book one, that probably would not have been a problem.  I received this book from the Book Club Network.

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