Friday, July 18, 2014

beloved daughter review

"The Beloved Daughter" by Alana Terry is an amazing book.  "Beloved Daughter" is the letter from a mother to her daughter, not knowing if she will ever see her infant daughter again.  Chung-Cha lives in North Korea and is from a Christian family.  Her family is arrested when she is 12 and she spends 9 years in prison.  After she escapes she becomes a part of the underground church. 
This book is fiction, so I am unsure how much of this is fact and how much is fiction as far as politics in Korea is concerned, but the whole book reads like an autobiography.  It is an amazingly written novel that leaves the reader personally involved.  The hard part to remember is that it takes place in modern times. The reader will be reading along and than be jarred when the characters mention a cell phone.   The oppression of the North Koreans is staggering to the American eye.  Loyalty to the Party is demanded at all times including any type of religion.  There are children being born in the prisons and they spend their whole lives there!  I have never read a book about women in another country and not been utterly grateful that I was born in the US.  This book only re-establishes that belief.  I give it five stars.  I received this book from the author through in exchange for an honest review.

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