Saturday, July 26, 2014

major's daughter review

"The Major's Daughter" by JP Francis is the story of two young women during World War II.  Collie is a Major's daughter living at a POW camp at a logging site.  Elle is her best friend who has fallen in love with an Indian (Eastern) man.  Collie has fallen for a German soldier.  Both girls must decide whether they should follow their hearts and try to live with the differences between them and their love or should they marry the easy options that are available to them. 
This is a wonderfully written book.  The characters are so clear.  The reader becomes invested in the characters lives.  The novel is not just a romance, though it is that.  The story also exposes the history of POWs living in America.  The story is played out and consequences are examined.  There are scenes in the book that get stuck in the readers head.  For instance, when August, Collie's soldier, has a dance with a young friend of Collie's, but they are several feet away from each other and there is a fence between the two!  Pure classic.  I really liked this book and recommend it highly.  5 stars.

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