Monday, August 11, 2014

murder with class

If anyone can write about murder with class it is Julianna Deering.  "Murder at the Mikado" is the third in the Drew Fathering Mystery series.  In this installment, Drew has a visit from his past.  It seems while in college, Drew got tangled with a dangerous woman, Fleur, a gorgeous actress, who has been accused of murder.  The victim being her ex-boyfriend and fellow actor.  Drew is called on to solve the crime and brings his best friend, Nick, and his fiancé, Madeline, to help him out.  Not surprisingly, Fleur showing up does not sit well with Madeline.  Not only does the body count keep going up, but things are crumbling in Drew's engagement as well.
These books are all set in the 1930s England; Drew being an extremely rich 24 year old and an amateur sleuth.  The language in the books is well-to-do and could be annoying to the new reader.  But stick with it, because once you get used to it it becomes quiet catchy and you start to love the flow of the speech.  I like the time period and the class that is portrayed in the books.  I give it four stars.  I received this book in exchange for a review from Bethany House Publishers.

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