Tuesday, September 30, 2014

early christmas

"Sweet Christmas Kisses" is a collection of 14 different romance novellas.  All of the romances are at a PG  level.  The novellas are all written by a different best selling author.  I will give a review on two of the stories:  Mistletoe in Maine by Gina Baird and The Christmas Promise by Melinda Curtis.  Mistletoe is a fair romance.  It's fairly predictable and quick.  A divorced woman and her two children decide to go to an Inn in Maine for Christmas.  While there she meets the Innkeeper, who is a widower and father of a teenage son.  The group along with the innkeepers mother, her much younger lover, and an ex-girlfriend all share a magical Christmas in winter wonderland Maine.  Christmas Promise is a much better book.  It is quite humorous and the reader becomes much more invested in the characters.  In Promise, the "bon-bon heiress" goes to Ecuador to try to resuscitate her family's cocoa beans.  While there she meets an American former Army soldier who is walking for his fallen friend.  To make things harder, he only has one leg.  I liked this couple and the writing.  As for the collection as a whole, the stories are all....well, sweet.  Which is the point.  I would recommend this as a good read for someone who wants to take a little mind-getaway.  You can also feel welcome to leave it laying out, because it is acceptable for teens and preteens to read as well.  I received this e-collection for free in exchange for an honest review from Sweet Kisses.

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  1. Hi, just leaving a comment here related to yours on the giveaway of 'The Unexpected Earl' on my blog. I'm afraid your answer was not entirely correct. The difference between England and Britain is that England is one country, whereas Britain consists of three countries, England, Scotland and Wales. If you wish, you can comment again with this answer, as I don't want anyone who wishes to enter the giveaway to be disappointed.

    Also, can you give an email, as I will need this to give to the publisher if you win...Thanks