Monday, September 8, 2014


"Seeing America" by Nancy Crocker is an excellent book.  It is the telling of three 1910 high school graduates from a small town in Missouri that decide to travel from Missouri to Yellow Stone.  Not that that might not be adventure enough, but one of the them is blind and is also the owner of the Model T that they plan to travel in.  The three boys aren't exactly friends, but in a small town everybody knows everybody and there aren't a lot of options when it comes to buddies.  So the three set of in search of themselves. 
The travel methods of 1910 are much different than today.  Lack of roads, hotels, money other than cash made even a few days of travel an adventure.  This book is not only full of action, but it is funny!  Like peeking into the brain of a teenage boy.  Which is weird since the author is a woman and must be older since she sang with Loretta Lynn.  This is a really good book and I highly recommend it.  I received this book in a drawing from

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