Monday, December 15, 2014

2nd Christmas

"An Amish Second Christmas" by Beth Wiseman, Kathleen Fuller, Ruth Reid, and Tricia Goyer is a collection of four novellas all centering around Second Christmas.  Three of these stories are romance, the first one is sorta, but not really.  Second Christmas is December 26th; a day when Amish celebrate with friends, neighbors, and extended family.  The 25th is more of a reflective, close family day centered on remembering Christ's birth.  The 26th is more of a party.  Kind of like the "English"'s  Christmas eve and Christmas Day.  I'll give a review of the first novella, "When Christmas comes Again" by Beth Wiseman. 
Wiseman tells of a modern Amish family, whose husband/father has recently died.  The mother (and later the daughter) both stumble across the husband's estranged father.  He seems to be mentally ill and likes to tell tall tales.  He is a hoot and a half! I kind of wish this story had been a full sized novel so that I could  have gotten to know him better.  Wiseman tells the story with both humor and heart break.  The family comes to know their grandfather and begins to heal from their loss.  I really liked these authors.  This book is written like a showcase of their best work.  Definitely worth the money to buy.  I received this book for

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