Friday, December 26, 2014

shaker christmas

"Christmas at Harmony Hill" by Ann H. Gabhart is the story of a young bride, Heather, who is following her husband Gideon's unit during the Civil War as a laundry maid.  When it comes close to her time to give birth, she returns to her home to find her mother has died along with two of her brothers.  These deaths have hardened her father to turn her away.  She goes to Harmony Hill, a Shaker village, where her aunt Sophrene is living.  Sophrene is also experiencing a cross roads of sorts, feeling the need to change her life and experience love in a worldly way. 
I have read little about Shaker's and therefore don't know much to compare this novel to in a way of accuracy.  The Shakers are like anyone else, I guess.  Some are mean, some want to be powerful, some are kind, etc. The author doesn't show them in a kind light usually.   Heather finds shelter among them, though not always support.  She learns forgiveness of her father and never has a Shaker heart.  Sophrene is more the struggle character.  She has lived both ways, finding only peace as a Shaker.  However, she is no longer feeling that peace.  This is a fair book.  Those that like Amish books will probably like this one.  I give it three stars.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review from

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