Tuesday, January 6, 2015

I'll be home for........

"Home for Christmas: Stories for Young and Old" is a collection of short stories about Christmas.  Some of the authors are Pearl Buck, Ruth Sawyer, and Henry Van Dyke.  The stories have all ranges, mostly from a historical viewpoint.  They cover many eras and cultures.  Some are better written than others.  My favorite would be "Christmas Day in the Morning" by Pearl Buck.  It's about a man whose children have families of their own so he is left with his wife on Christmas.  He begins to think of Christmases past, when he had gotten up early to surprise his father with doing the milking for him.  Which got me to thinking of when my son at the age of 5 told me "supper's ready" and I went into the kitchen to find the table set and each plate with half a ham sandwich on it.  I must have bawled for half an hour after reading that story!  The stories will touch you; there is a story for everyone in here.  I received this collection of stories for free in exchange for an honest review from  Handlebar Publishing. 

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