Wednesday, January 21, 2015


" A Pledge of Silence" by Flora J. Solomon is one heck of a book.  The novel follows Margie from the time of her acceptance into nursing school in the 1930's to 2000.  Margie goes to school following high school and gets a nursing diploma.  Though she has her life all planned out with her fiancé; life itself has other plans.  With a shortage of jobs, she joins the army reserve.  Then WWII breaks out. Margie is stationed in the Philippines.  Plans keep changing, until Margie has no plans at all.  After being taken captive by Japanese, her main plans are to try to eat....someday.  Solomon does a really good job of bringing the horrors to life throughout the book.  This is one of those books that you can't stop reading.  Unspeakable acts are done to Margie and she comes home a broken woman.  She seeks help eventually and the struggle continues for the rest of her life.  This is a book not only about war, but also about PTSD.  The length is rather long, but the books sticks with you and you won't mind it.  I give it 5 stars.  Excellent book.  I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from

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