Monday, March 23, 2015

Never a bride

"Always a Bridesmaid" by Melinda Curtis is a spin-off book from the Christmas Kisses collection and part 2 in the The Bridesmaid Series.  Nicole is a master baker who is providing the desserts for Tiff, the runaway bride's wedding.  Nicole believes she is suffering from the Siberian Curse.  Where she involuntarily becomes invisible to men that she finds attractive.  Sean is a chef that is also working the wedding.  Though he is attractive, his high and mighty attitude prevents Nicole from finding him desirable.  Sean, however,  wants to partner with her in the business to expand his restaurant.  He uses the "curse" to his advantage and tries to teach Nicole how to win a man.  Of course he falls right into his own trap. 
In the usual Curtis fashion, this is a witty, romantic, well-written novel.  I love her sense of humor and her characters.  This is a very quick read and rather short novel.  Perfect for passing the time or living romantically vicariously through her characters.  Four Hearts!  I received this e-book for free from the Sweet Team in exchange for an honest review.

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