Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Breaking Creed review

"Breaking Creed" by Alex Kava is the first novel in her new Creed series, branching off from one of her favorites, O'Dell, FBI agent.  In this novel, Creed and his highly trained dogs are in the business of finding whatever needs finding.  He tends to go back and forth between drugs and bodies.  Breaking combines the two.  O'Dell is searching for the killers, whom she suspects are cartel, in the "package" that was found in the Potomac River.  Meanwhile, Creed is searching for drugs on a boat run for the cartel, when he finds several children being shipped to Colombia.  This particular cartel is using children as their mules.  The two cases cross paths in Alabama and O'Dell and Creed join forces to solve the crimes. 
I had read the novel where the two had met before in the original series, so I was familiar with characters.  I love the story line, the characters, and the intrigue.  The only problem I had was that Amanda, one of the mules, seemed incredibly naive.  I found it hard to believe a girl that had lived the life she had would not catch on a little quicker.  She seemed much more typical.  Other than that, this is a great mystery.  I had received this book from First to Read, however, didn't read it in time to be deleted.  Soooo, this was actually checked out of a library.  I would recommend you go to your library and find it to.  Worth the read. 

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