Monday, April 27, 2015

River's Edge Review

"River's Edge" book 3 in the Cape Refuge Series by Terri Blackstock,is a modern mystery in the Christian Fiction genre.  Ben and Lisa are a well-to-do couple who have been battling infertility for 13 years.  On the morning of Lisa's third try at IVF she turns up missing.  A local psychic leads the police to the location of the body.  Ben, who is in the middle of a heated mayoral election becomes the prime suspect.  As the puzzle pieces come together, the picture gets wider and wider.  The media turns the case into a national circus and one couple's trauma with infertility starts to hit home with another couple who is close to the story. 
I have not read any of the other Cape Refuge books, and though a few past references are made to the other books, they are not necessary in order to understand "Edge."  However, reading this novel makes we want to read the others.  Blackstock consistently turns out a good series and is very skilled at intertwining mystery and faith.  I would call it more of a Christian friendly novel rather than Christian Fiction.  Blackstock steers clear of becoming preachy.  Her characters tend to be Christian and she makes no apologies for that.  And I never did figure out the killer until she told me.  Highly recommend this book!  I received this book for free in exchange for an honest review from

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