Thursday, May 28, 2015

Beyond the romance

This is an amazing book!  "The Outer Banks House" by Diann Ducharme is a historical novel that is a romance, but also a period piece about the aftermath of slavery.  Taking place in 1868 in North Carolina island, Nags Head, Abigail is a southern planter's daughter that has a thirst for reading and education.  After arriving at the island in the Outer Banks home, she comes to teach a local "Banker" Ben to read and write.  The unlikely pair form a friendship, then a romance while they are exploring the class and race differences on the island. 
This book is engaging.  It is extremely well written.  The characters are realistic.  I was to write this review earlier today, but just had to finish it beforehand.  No regrets.  There is a part two, "Return to Outer Banks".  I will be finding and reading that book!  Five stars. Just a word of warning, there is a horrifying death scene in this book.  It isn't long, but it makes an impression.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review from HF Virtual Book Tours. 


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