Monday, May 25, 2015

Soldier's family devotional

"While My Soldier Serves" authored by Edie Melson is collection of prayers for the family members of soldiers currently serving in the US Military.  It is written with many different people in mind.  For family members of all kinds for all kinds of soldiers.  The book has two parts: one with prayers for the service member and one with prayers for the family left behind.  Each entry has a quote, a prayer, and a scripture.  I read an entry from each section each day.  You could read it really any way you want. 
I liked the book and thought it was useful, however, it is about half written in the pronoun "she" which is very distracting.  My soldier serving is a "he".  I had a hard time getting involved with all of the "she" s.  I think maybe two books should be available, a "she" and a "he".  I am publishing this review for Memorial Day.  I have never lost a relative while serving in the military, though many have served.  Currently I have a step-son serving in the infantry in Africa, a nephew in the Marines serving as a corrections officer in Japan and my daughter's long term "significant other" is leaving for the army to South Carolina. 

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