Sunday, November 8, 2015

In 1492 Columbus sailed.......

"The Columbus Code" by Mike Evans is a conspiracy novel that follows the myths and truths of Christopher Columbus.  John Winters is a Secret Service agent on leave with PTSD.  His mother has recently died and when going through her estate he discovers that he is most likely a descendant of Columbus and his mother's dying wish was to prove the link.  During his research he meets Sophia, a scholar, that leads him to the legend of the diary of Columbus and the global rule of one man.  Coincidently, Maria, John's daughter, is working for a law firm that has taken her to Spain into the lion's den of the very man plotting to take over the world.  The antichrist. 
Going into this book I quickly realized that I knew little about Columbus.  Other that he "discovered America" and supposedly had a venereal disease, I knew nothing.  This book dives into the rest of it.  I am not sure how much is true.  I know that he kept diaries, but since I was informed about this in a documentary about alien chasers; I am pretty sure they aren't secret.  As far as writing goes, Evans has a journalist background and is a Middle East analyst, so it takes on political angle.  Evans is able to go back and forth with telling the story between male and female characters well.  The ending reads like a part two will be coming.  I will definitely be reading that.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review from Worthy Publishing. 

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