Wednesday, April 13, 2016

feathered bone review

"The Feathered Bone" by Julie Cantrell is the telling of one tragedy after another.  Amanda and her daughter Ellie, are on a field trip with the 6th grade class when one of the girls, Sarah, is kidnapped.  The novel then follows Amanda through the years following "the day".  Sarah is taken into sex trafficking while Amanda and Ellie are left to deal with the guilt.  Amanda also has an abusive, cheating husband to deal with.  This book keeps the tragedies happening.  From kidnapping, rape, abuse, divorce, suicide, Hurricane Katrina, etc., if you aren't clinically depressed by the end of this book you have a heart of stone.  Though all of the tragedies are well told, the suicide especially, putting them all in one book was a little much.  However, reading the suicide in a public place, as I did, is highly not recommended.  It was written beautifully.  I received this e-book in exchange for an honest review from   

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