Monday, December 26, 2016

Newsmakers series

"The Candidate" by Lis Wiehl is the second in the Newsmakers series that came out this fall.  Erica Sparks is the top news reporter for fictional station GNN.  She's a single mother with a "past" and has a knack for solving the unsolvable and reporting it to the masses.  In this novel, the Ortiz's are running for president, yes that was plural.  Mike Ortiz is the man officially running for office and his wife Celeste is running the show.  Nothing gets by her or in her way.  When a bomb goes off killing the competition, Sparks smells something fishy and is off to investigate.  Putting herself and child in danger while she is at it. 
Though I probably like this series the least of Wiehl's books, it is still a really good book.  I haven't read the first in the series and I highly recommend it.  At times the reader may not be able to follow "The Candidate" unless you read the first, but it isn't entirely mandatory.  There are lots of twist and turns and it is a lot of fun to try to figure it out before Sparks does.  I received this book in exchange for an honest review from

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