Thursday, December 29, 2016

Phoenix's new book will stir you up

"Of Stillness and Storm" by Michele Phoenix follows a married couple Sam and Lauren on his journey to Nepal to work in God's ministry.  Notice I said "his."  Sam feels a calling to spur of the moment take his wife and son, Ryan, to Nepal and live, sacrifice, and struggle with the Nepali's, sharing God's word.  While there, Sam leaves his family alone for 3 weeks out of the month to minister to the poor in surrounding impossible to reach villages.  Meanwhile, Lauren must work to keep Sam's visa.  The job he insists she have is an hour walk away.  Why?  Because she must struggle.  She supports the family and cares for the son alone.  Somewhere along the way, Sam comes to think of himself as a god and drags Lauren along with him. When Lauren refriends an old schoolmate on Facebook and starts to reconsider her relationship with Sam and God, Same continues to spiral out of control in his obsession with the natives and the family rapidly falls part.  Though I hate Sam and most of the characters tick me off, this book stirred a lot of passion in me.  The reader will not read idly; the reader will read with fervor!  Be prepared to have this book really make you reconsider you life and your relationship with God.  I received this book in exchange for a review from litfuse Publicity.  Please see the giveaway button on the side!

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