Monday, April 18, 2011

the corruptible review

I received The Corruptible, by Mark Mynheir, from .  This is book is a Ray Quinn Mystery series.  The book follows Ray Quinn, an alcoholic private detective who walks with a cane and his sidekick Crevis.  The have been hired by a powerful company to find damaging stolen information.  During the search the thief in question comes up murdered throwing a wrench in the whole case. 
This book is part of a series; and tho I haven't read any other Quinn books, it wasn't necessary to have read any others to follow The Corruptible.  There were several references to incidents in past books, but enough background info was given that I could still follow.  Actually it made me want to read more the series.  Quinn is hilarious, intelligent, and a bit of a smart ass.  He also has a lot of "issues" and a dark streak.  I loved this guy and will probably be reading more of him.

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