Friday, February 17, 2012

sweeter than birdong review

I received "Sweeter than Birdsong" by Roslynn Elliot for free from  This book takes place in the 1850's in Ohio.  The main character is Kate Winter, an 18 year old woman who is completely controlled by her mother.  Her mom will remind you of the mom in "Titanic" and now that I've said that you will see her in your head too.  Kate has two men that she is interested in, one, Fredrick, is the one her mom likes.  Fredrick is great and all, but his dad is a bit of a fox, leaving you to wonder how far Kate can trust Fredrick.  Ben is the other one.  He is of moderate means and wants to be a minister.  Mom doesn't like him.  This book advertises itself to be a romatic novel with all the concerns of being proper and polite and well, boring.  However, it really is a book about the Underground Railroad.  It is an adventure book. Kate goes on the trip of her life when she unknowingly agrees to go with Ben's mother on a little day trip and whinds up attempting to rescue fugitives. It is really great once you get about 1/4 of the way into it.  I recommend this book.

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